I’ve finished reading Harry Potter so no need to combine that with my run tomorrow.  I’ve spent the day laying around reading and eat – what is it with reading that makes you eat so much?  I feel like I’m on the express train to Lardsville.  I don’t normally eat that much when reading but then I normally only read at bedtime.

Right now I’m waiting for my sister to finish reading to see if she want to go to the pub and watch the footy cos I’m feeling the need to get out of the house.  Too much time inside drives me crazy.  I want to go and tell her she won the ‘Who Will Die First in Harry Potter’ betting but that would totally be a spoiler.  And yes, my family bets on everything – the ARIA awards, the little league at the footy, TV shows, everything.  Except tattslotto.  And the pokies.  And the horses except on rare occasions.

Totally unrelated, one of my housemates moved out today.  That makes me so happy.  Now I just have to get rid of the other one.


10 responses to “Piggy

  1. You finished it already? Fuggenell matey – you’re quick. I ordered the book to be delivered so i’m hoping to get it next week and have it finished by …. Christmas ?????

  2. oh and please, no bloody spoilers or i’ll have to come down there and drown you in a Margarita – hey that’s not a bad idea! ;0)
    Seriously, no spoilers please.

  3. oh how i am hooked on guitar hero too! It is totally addictive – just like betting on stuff : P

  4. Sounds like a lovely day. I’ll read the Harry Potter, but I’m going to borrow a copy from one of the many family members who bought it today.

    Enjoy your run tomorrow.

  5. I got THE BOOK yesterday but have been so busy with my paintings I have only read 4 chapters!!! Thanks for not telling anything about it and spoiling it, will try to get is read today!

  6. Finished already!! I just started last night and it’s bloody brilliant but it kind of sucks reading it and knowing it’ll be the last one. No spoilers please 🙂

  7. Thank God you didn’t post a spoiler. I just bought it today, and haven’t started it yet.

  8. Sounds like Harry Potter is having the same effect on your eating patterns as stayong up and watching the Tour De France is having on mine.

  9. who died? who died? who died? who died? who died?

    Please tell me, I don’t read the books I only see the films and they are only up to number 5.

  10. Really don’t give a toss who died. I lost interest in the series about 2 books ago.
    Hope it was the noisy flatmate who moved out.

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