Happy Harry Potter Eve

I can’t believe people have leaked the Harry Potter book on the internet.  That’s just evil and wrong.  I bet they used to snoop for their Christmas presents too… and I frigging hate that.  My sister used to try and make me do it (so she wouldn’t get into so much trouble if she got caught) – I don’t see the point.  It ruins stuff.  I hate spoilers and they deserve a special place in hell, a place that’s awfully like sharing a prison cell with Paris Hilton.

I doubly hate book spoilers – they should try writing a freaking novel and see just how hard it is.  The gruelling, back breaking, soul destroying wretchedness.  Then they’d feel guilty.  People compare writing a novel to having a child but it’s nothing like it.  A novel won’t survive being left in the car with a packet of Samboys while you’re at the pub*, a novel won’t go to the shop for you, a novel won’t support you in your old age (well actually it will if you are J.K. Rowling).  Don’t steal novels.  It’s wrong.

Talking of children, my darling son has always been a stubborn little shit.  If there was a stubborn little shit olympics, he’d win the decathalon.  Stubborn and independent and a wee bit cranky at times.  At every stage of his life, he’s ignored my teachings and guidance (ie. nagging) then, when I get sick of talking, he goes off and does things himself in his own way.  Like toilet training, I tried and tried but nothing worked so I thought bugger it… if he wants to stay in nappies his entire life, he can.  Once he gets to school, he’ll soon change his mind.  So a week after I gave up, he decides to use the toilet.  Same thing with walking and reading and just about everything in life.

Tonight, after a year of nagging and finally giving up, Andrew says he’s taken up running.  I bought him running shoes over a year ago and we went running once then he’s never been available to go again.  Now he’s been doing a walk/run lap every night.  I’m so pleased cos he’s put on a weight since he’s left home and done no exercise.  We have a family history of heart disease and diabetes too.  Hopefully he’ll keep it up.  He’s pretty motivated cos he wants to play cricket this summer and footy next year.

Other than that, I’m shitty with him.  A while ago, he loaned me his PS2 and I got totally hooked on Guitar Hero then he wanted it back for a while – now he wants to keep it and I want it back.

Now I have to go work out how I can fit in my Bikram yoga class and a 17 km with reading the HP book over the weekend.  I might be the Queen of Multitasking but even I have to draw the line somewhere.

*disclaimer:  I never left Andrew in the car while I was at the pub.


5 responses to “Happy Harry Potter Eve

  1. I once read a book in a night. I couldn’t put it down so I read ’till my eyes hurt. Half way through I sped read through to the end. The next day I thought that author had worked so hard to create such a good book & I had devoured it like an alcoholic devours cheap wine. I felt guilty so I re-read the book again to appreciate it the more. Does that seem strange?

  2. I wish I was into Harry just so I could join the hype! I should start reading them.. just to see what they are all about. Won’t be long and my little ones will be wanting to read them anyway!

    Had a giggle a Debbie’s comment about re-reading books.. I just do it cos I am sure that I will get more and will get more from it 2nd time around!

  3. What about 17km on the treadmill, while reading Harry Potter?

  4. Surely you can prop the book open in front of you while you do downward dogs and cobras and so on?

  5. Could anyone really read while running? I still can’t believe you’ve already finished it. I better get a move on!

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