Woke up this morning feeling poorly so I stayed home from work but felt okay by lunch time so I went to the gym and did a killer workout.  Going to the supermarket and carrying a basket around is NOT a good idea after that!  My arms felt like they would drop off.

I haven’t felt like eating today, maybe because of feeling sick.  I find it confusing.  On the one hand, I know skipping meals is bad but don’t want to force myself to eat when I’m not hungry.  I think I’ll have some soup for dinner and not stress too much.

Tonight I have to go get my photos for the Runner’s World organised by really I don’t want to leave the house. I guess I must though.

Arggghh, I’m having lap top issues.  I keep getting random system errors – when I start it up I get a program exe error so I’m thinking it’s some program that is starting up automatically that is dodgy or else they didn’t install Windows properly.  I want to take up back while it’s under warranty but am worried that it’s something I’ve installed.  I’ve taken a heap of shit like msn messenger off it and still get the errors.  I also get Internet Explorer errors when I’m not even using IE – damn it.   I don’t get that shit, you’d not think I work in IT cos I’m so dumb with system stuff.

6 responses to “Oops

  1. Don’t you just hate computers. I am in IT and I still don’t understand them. I’m sure Mr Microsoft makes things purposely dodgy and complicated to keep the money coming in for support.

  2. My man’s good for IT stuff. I’m more like the village idiot when it comes to computers.

  3. i know – that ctach 22 when you are sick but can’t eat – but don’t want to miss meals – well it sux hey?

  4. Have you tried System Recovery were you put back your computer to an earlier date? In Windows XP you should find that back under All Programs > Accessories > System Tools.
    I don’t know much about computers but this is what I do when I have the same problem. And most of the time, it works.

  5. Gawd I hate it when my computer stuffs up too, there is NOTHING WORSE… I hope you can get your sorted, probably best to take it back for someone with more knowledge to have a look at it for you? Good luck.

  6. I hope you feel better hon and probably take the laptop back to the store if it’s still under warranty. I’m sure you didn’t load anything that would do that. Most stuff is plug and play these days. I’d do a fresh re-install – *cough* – I mean I’d get D to do a fresh re-install for me.

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