Damn, damn, damn

Left work early today to go shoe shopping and the bloody shop didn’t have the shoes I wanted.  They didn’t even know what I was talking about.  Even worse, the woman got all snarky at me cos apparently I should have known to go to one of the larger stores like Chadstone or in the city to get current stock.  Bloody toe rag!  I went to their store in Vic Gardens, it wasn’t like it was their outlet shop or something.  The shop girl didn’t even know what a shoe with a ‘T bar’ was – if you don’t know shoe styles, you shouldn’t be working in a shoe shop.  Wittners is so off my shoe shopping list, all their shoes seemed a bit shonky and badly made anyway.

So then I went to Smith St cos Simon got a rain jacket from the Brooks outlet for $40 and I wanted one but they were closed.  I went around the other outlets and most of them don’t have women’s rain jackets.  Cos you know girls don’t run in the rain – it might wreck our nails or something.  A few had men’s jackets but they were way more expensive.  I might go back Saturday morning and try Brooks – also found some running shoes I want, the same as the ones I have now but the older version for $60.  Woohoo.

The only good thing to come out of the shopping trip was getting some running gear at Kmart totally cheap – very cute shorts ($8 & $10) and a long sleeved hoodie top ($10).  I also got a long sleeved technical fabric top for $22 (that wasn’t reduced but still cheap as).  I heart Kmart.  Oh and cute cardi from Cotton On… and a singlet.  Must stop spending money.

Oh and another shitty thing.  I’d knitted half the back of my angora cardi when I realised last night I hadn’t changed needles after I did the ribbing.  I had to pull the whole thing apart and start again.  Have you ever tried to unravel angora?  It’s a freaken nightmare.

Runwise, we did 1 km intervals tonight.  I told Simon the Tan is not a good place to do fast(ish) intervals but he insisted.  We did them on the side opposite the hill, if that makes sense (btw the 1.75 and 2.75 markers) cos that was the flattest and most well lit bit.  Buggered if I’m going to try to run fast when it’s too dark.  I actually thought the other day that it’s been ages since I’ve fallen over running so now I’m terrified I’ve put the kibbosh on myself.

The first interval was insanely slow.  I kept telling my legs to move it but my legs told me to STFU.  I thought it took me about over 7 mins.  It sure felt like it.  But, by Simon’s fancy ipod timing, I did it in 5.30 mins which is super fast for me.  I carried on like I’d won Olympic gold.

We did the next interval going the other way cos the first one was totally downhill.  I said it was downhill and Simon said it was only a slight incline.  Ha, we ran the other way and I was so right (we do tend to argue a lot when we run).  I ended up with 6.20 mins.  The last interval I caned.  I was all like – dig deep and make this one count and stuff (I’ve been watching far too much footy).  Then about half way I saw this dude with 71 on his back and thought to myself – if I keep to the same pace as him, I’ll do fine.  Then I looked up again and I was overtaking Mr 71.  Pwned.  I did it in 5.20.  I think that is my fastest ever km.  I am totally the awesomest at beating me.

We decided tonight that we need a treat post-half marathon so a holiday to Bali could be perfect.  We are so going to be banned from running together if we keep coming up with ideas like that.


6 responses to “Damn, damn, damn

  1. Awesome on the fastest km! I had the Rocky music in my head as I was reading through the last quarter of that post. LOL

    {ears perk up} There’s a Brooks outlet in Smith St? Cool! The one I used to go to in Airport West closed down. Always come home and get some new runners and stuff. Was spewin’ that I couldn’t this time round, but now…

  2. That sucks about the shoes, and I hate having to unravel things, I usually put it aside and never go back to it! Good on you for persevering …

  3. A five minute k!!! Wow! Well done. Bask in your own glory and enjoy the moment!!

  4. Your running sounds like it’s really coming along well. It’s great having a running partner isn’t it, even if you do fight the whole time you’re running 🙂

    I so want to try Bikram Yoga. Have wanted to do it for ages but there’s nowhere close by that does it, I’d have to drive up town and because it’s mainly on in the evenings, it would make for a very late night.

    Love the bondage shoes, very noice 🙂

    Have you tried Rebel for your running jacket? Michelle and I got ours from the bike section and it only cost $50.

    Good news about the Omnis too. There’s some realy bargains to be had, that’s for sure!!

  5. nice one with the fastest ever km!!!! thats always a GREAT feeling!!!

  6. Hey, well done at beating your PB! Shoe shop girls suck and you gotta wonder, what kind of person works in a shoe shop anyway LOL *jokes* 😉

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