Baby needs shoes!

A while back I had a nightmare – I was with a group of girls in a shoe shop. They were shopping away and trying on all kinds of fabulous shoes but, for some reason, I couldn’t join them. I could only sit and watch.

I woke up screaming like the guy from the Godfather with the horse’s head in his bed.

My sister thought the dream could have been a metaphor for how I see my life. Metaphor, my butt. There is a clear and literal meaning – I need shoes and I don’t have time to shop for them. I can’t handle the weekend crowds at the shopping centres or being stuck in traffic so the only time I get to shop is before lunch on Saturdays. That I can cope with. But I’ve had more pressing shopping issues so the shoes have to wait.

I own one pair of decent work shoes and the heels are getting wrecked from driving in them (I really should drive in other shoes). All my other shoes are red and sequined or falling apart or runners. I want these – cute, stylish and just a smidgeon bondage mistress and these. Just not sure I can walk in either of them. That’s the problem with shoe shopping, you can’t do it online.

Other random (and kinda stupid) things in my life include:

  • learning that’s its stupid to go for a run the morning after trying my new lower body weights program, and it’s doubly stupid when the wind is so strong, you’re running like mime. I didn’t think I’d make it up St Georges Rd this morning so I cranked up the ipod and started belting out a song to push me along. Apologies to anyone on St Georges Rd who had to listen to a very untuneful version of Carry On My Wayward Son.
  • Post-run, post-shower deciding I’m sick to death of huddling under layers and layers and layers of clothes and, bugger it all, I’d wear a pretty dress and pretty stockings to work. Ha. Yes on a day with a freak cold snap (and I thought the weather couldn’t get any colder).
  • Discovering Amazon. Well I actually discovered it years ago, I’m not a complete nuff-nuff but I never use it since the postage is astronomical but today, bored at work, I had the thought that if I buy lots of stuff then the postage is relatively okay. Me, a credit card, the internet and too much time on my hands is never a good idea.
  • Still undecided about Bikram but will give it another go. I’m very tempted to go along tonight and just sit in the room and defrost. I did notice I did my squats at the gym last night better than I normally do. I’m usually crapola because I have weird quads but I actually managed them fine. Not sure if that’s the Bikram or just me improving general. I figure if I go on Saturday then I can see how I pull up for my long run on Sunday.

Edited to say:  I found out there was snow falling at Mt Dandenong which is like 2 cm from where my car was in the car park.  No wonder I froze!

And woohoo, my running bud, Simon rang to say that he’s going to Chelsea on the weekend so we’re going for a run along the beach.  And it’s going to be a balmy 16 degrees… almost tropical!


6 responses to “Baby needs shoes!

  1. I always trawl thru amazon when the Oz dollar is strong like it is now. If you buy a few things the postage is worth it.

    I love the first pair of shoes.

    For driving get yourself a pair of el cheapo ballet flats from target or shoobiz and keep them in the car.

  2. I love Amazon too, you can so many amazing books that you never see here, I get about 60-70% of the books I read off Amazon.

    I don’t know how you ladies walk in those high heels!

  3. Kathryn, sometimes it’s like you’re writing about my life. I could certainly do with new work shoes, and haven’t managed to find the time to shop. I’m wearing my runners to work, and changing into summer sandals once I’m there. Ridiculous, but it means I don’t have to go shopping.

    Looking forward to hearing about your second session of Bikram.

  4. I’d be doing the yoga again, but that’s because I like yoga and I hate the cold.

  5. ooh – shoes – If you were a size 10 I would give you a whole stack load that I am sick of – but they don’t so sexy in huge!

  6. Shoe shopping is a killer for me sadly but Wittner I do check out often because they have the sizes. And girl, it’s winter. Rug up! I’m tempted to try Bikram too now just for the heat factor in this damn cold. It’s colder than cold this week.

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