Yoga and a Challenge

My friend Tim and I went to a bikram yoga class tonight.  I’ve wanted to try this for ages mainly as I think I mentioned in my last post, because it’s in a hot, hot room.  The allure of the 37 degree heat really got me in – it’s the closest thing I can afford to a tropical holiday!

We got to the class nice and early, after a reassuring pep talk in the car from Tim.  I’ve heard a lot about how challenging the classes are and wasn’t sure how I’d handle it.  We did consider going for a little dutch courage before the class but figured we had enough toxins to sweat our so went in and signed up then got changed and collected our mats.  Since we’d gotten there really early, we went into the room and laid on the floor.  I’m glad we got there early because I wanted a spot far, far away from the window – I’ve walked down Johnston St before when the classes are on and I know that you can see in, and I know that people mock you from the streets (although the teach shut the blinds for our class so it wasn’t an issue).

I had a lovely little nap – oh, I think you call that meditation time – before we started.  If I closed my eyes and imagined really hard, I could pretend I was near a pool bar in Bali (what do you think I meditate about).  We started off with some breathing and stretching.  Breathing isn’t so hard.  By about the second pose, I wanted water but you have to wait for the designated water break.  We were told if the heat got too much, we could lay on our mats and have a break but not to leave the room.

I had the idea that you held each pose for an incredibly intense period of time (there are only 26 poses in Bikram yoga) but it didn’t seem so bad – you held each pose then had a break then did it again for a short period.  I liked that because I could really do so much more the second time around.

Of course, having no flexibility at all, I was pretty crap at most of the poses.  I’m used to that.  But there were lots of newbies in the class so my crapness wasn’t so noticeable as it could have been.  I was the only one who had to hold on to something for the balancing poses though.   As we went on, the heat got more stifling.  Tim had to stop and rest a few times but I didn’t actually mind it.  I concentrated more on the actual poses themselves and getting through them to the water breaks and also that I didn’t want to stop no matter what.

Now I know that yoga is an individual thing and that you shouldn’t compare yourself but when we got onto the floor section, I totally rocked at the cobra pose  (I’d have actually called it an upward dog but I think it has different names in different yoga?)  I rocked more than the other newbies.  I rocked more than the regulars.  I owned that cobra pose.

The last 30 minutes went so slow – Tim opted out and so had a lot of the newbies but I kept going.  I was sweating like sweatiest thing you can imagine.  I thought I must have had the vilest toxins coming out of my body cos I reeked of ammonia until I realised it wasn’t me, it  was the stuff they used to clean the yoga mats.  My clothes were drenched and my skin was slippery every time I had to grasp onto a body part to stretch.

Finally the class ended and I raced out to the showers.  Afterwards all I wanted was nicotine and sugar, I don’t hink I handle the lack of toxins well.

I said to Tim after the class that I think it’s going to take a few days to decide whether I enjoyed it or not.  Now, a few hours later, I feel relaxed and mellow and very sleepy.  We’ll definitely go back again to use our pass for the week but maybe try another kind of yoga after that.


Today I started a challenge.  I saw a thingo on the Runner’s World site a couple of weeks ago about their Run It Off Challenge so I contacted them.  You have to be trying to lose weight and meet fitness goals by training for a run and have 12 weeks to do it.  That’s definitely me and today is D day – 12 weeks until my half marathon!  So I’m starting today at 77.9 kgs (I put on half a kilo this week, not unexpected).

After yoga class, we took some before pics.  Before pics are a real quandary – you want to look your worst so the after pics look all the better, but you don’t want to look hideous because that would involve looking hideous.  Let me tell you, no one is going to see those photos of my in my ‘nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide’ body revealing outfit until I meet my goals.

Day one of the challenge went okay – I had a 5 km run this morning then the yoga class.  Eating wasn’t so good since I had lunch and dinner out – oh and I had to have some sour worms after yoga to restore my sugar levels.  I didn’t eat bad but they were both huge meals.

I met with Kek the other day for a session to work out my fitness routine and all the non-running stuff, which is going to be brilliant.
I think my biggest obstacle is going to be lunch at work.  I hate eating at my desk so I go to the work cafe but, even though they have healthy options, they aren’t nearly as healthy as bringing my own food.  If the weather was okay, I’d bring lunch and eat outside or  go for a walk in my lunch hour but the weather is not my friend.  But I’m totally motivated to rock at this challenge so I’ll find a way.  Hideous ‘before’ pics are one thing, but the ‘after’ pics will be beautiful.


9 responses to “Yoga and a Challenge

  1. I never heard of a Run It Off Challenge before but it sounds like a great incentive. Sometimes a good old challenge is the best thing to get your rear in the right direction. =) Good luck with it!!

  2. Hello to you in your new home Missus. Looks fab and sorry for not coming over sooner. Well, I have actually but this is the first time I’ve commented.

    So, a half marathon eh? Good on ya – it’ll be a piece of cake for you.

    I’m venturing out tomorrow morning for my first run in about 2 months. I’ll be thinking of you to get my going.

    Ciao for now. x

  3. Rock on, you sound well fired up 🙂 ‘Mon the cobra pose!!!

    And all the best for your challenge, comrade.

  4. That Yoga class sounds different. I am sure I would have been passing out, lol!

    I thought about doing that challenge on the RW site but I am scared I will just continue my irresposible eating and fail dismally….. how embarrassing! I have to say though, you have got me thinking about it again, pmsl!

  5. For my work lunch, I take a nice healthy bread roll and a tin of tuna or salmon, and supplement that with a salad or soup from the work canteen … a happy medium.

  6. i would probably love that heated room too coz i am a cold body but would probably snore during the “meditation” period!

  7. Wow…that is so cool that you went and tried that yoga class out.

  8. LOL tropical holiday hey, I can’t handle heat while exercising but sitting on a beach and the occasional swim on a tropical holiday sure sounds nice right about now!

    It’s so cool that you tried Bikram because it definitely is known to be challenging. How about your cobra pose!? You rock!! So what do you think of Bikram now after a few days?

    Good luck with the challenge, you’ll find a way to make it all work into your daily routine. Can you eat your own lunch in the work cafe? I wish I had taken before and after pics.

  9. Oh yeah….should have pointed out that timing your lower body workout in relation to your runs is kinda important. Oops. Hope your legs can hold you up today!

    Layer up this morning! BRRRR!!

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