Another quickie

My mum came over from Tassie today for the weekend. We did some shopping then had dinner. I got a leather jacket. It makes me look like Faith (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) … okay so maybe not but in my head it does and that’s the main place it matters. I’m stuffed from running around all night, wanted to go for a run in the morning but I’ll see how I feel.

Oh and you know what is the one thing worse than having your flatmate having his tv on so loud it wakes you up all night? When you bash on his door at 4 am to tell him to turn it down and he doesn’t hear you cos he’s dead asleep!

ps. this site makes my brain explode… I just can’t decide if it’s in a good or bad way.


7 responses to “Another quickie

  1. Dear God…the Beeeagle.

    Ugh, will your roomie EVER learn?

    Faith was always my favourite character…would love to look like her, even if it was in my head for just a moment. LOL

    How’s the hurty knee? Better take care of it, bet Dietgirl’d smack ya if you don’t listen to the knee and rest it a bit. :p

  2. ooh! guilty as charged! I am the heaviest sleeper and my Mum ALWAYS had to get up and turn off my tv coz I was asleep – but i ended up investing in earplugs at uni so i didn’t disturb others – maybe a great present idea and that dogbee site was a laugh – so funny!

  3. Hubby will fall asleep in front of the TV and I’ll turn it of and the silence will wake him up! Go figure!

  4. Umm, remind me to NEVER EVER dress Izzy up in one of dem outfits!!! Derrrr

  5. The jacket sounds way cool.

    Nice to have your mum visiting.

  6. i reckon my flatmate could gve yours a good run… shes not noisy…. but man… is she a moron..which i find quite intolerable!!!

  7. You seriously need to get yourself a digital camera so you can share your new goodies with us!

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