Short and Sweet

The knee felt better today so I got down to the Tan for a nice, easy couple of laps.  Very easy – about half around on the second lap we started walking, until it began raining so we had to sprint back to the cars.  Of course the damn cars were parked at the top of the bloody hill.

Got home and got ready to go see Harry Potter.  Couldn’t be arsed cooking so we went to a local bar for tapas.  Not good since Ma is going to be here and we’re eating out for the next two days.  Is there anything remotely healthy I can I get to eat at Telstra Dome?

The Harry Potter movie was hilarious but mostly in the places it wasn’t meant to be.  Yeah, I’m immature enough to get the giggles every time Harry was writhing around in his bed.   Snape is so awesome, I want him to be my man-whore. Luna Lovegood and Bellatrix LaStrange are also awesome.  The rest of the movie was kinda meh… and very full of gay overtones, I swear.

I’ve been pretty freaked out about the Palace complex burning down – thought I might be able to see it from the Tan but couldn’t.  I know it was slated for demolition but still sad to see it go like that.  I’ve had some of the best nights of my life in that building.  It might not have had the gradiose architecture of venues like The Forum but I always had the knack of finding the perfect spot to check out bands there.  Lots of fantastic memories.


5 responses to “Short and Sweet

  1. Sounds like I better go see the latest HP movie then! Glad your knee is feeling a bit better too.

  2. There is nothing healthy at TD. Pack some sangas – if not for anything else the prices at TD will send you broke alone. There is a Nandos and a Souvlaki Hut on the Concourse side which is on the Bourke St side. Gate 1.

    It was very sad to see the Palace burn down. I think they had actually started demolishing it.

    Good news on the knee.

  3. hey kathryn! i just got back from my trip! i love the new place and what you have done with it!

  4. Ah, Professor Snape… so hot.

    I like your new digs!

  5. It sucks when old venues go but no-one can take the memories! Newtown has definitely changed a hell of a lot. Sydney is renovation heaven *puke*. I love Gary Oldman (Sirius Black) but Professor Snapes is pretty darn cool too 🙂

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