Must stop drinking and talking shit to people…  must stop.  Must stop hellish hangovers.

Lately I’ve not even been getting hangovers.  Not the regular thumping head and need for a fry up hagovers anyway.  I wake up as weak as a kitten and  barely able to move.  I feel washed out and pathetically weak for at least a day.  Not good.  My weight plumments by about 3-4 kilos for a few days which is a definite sign of some serious dehyration issues then jumps up to a shitty McShit increase.  I think my whole metabolism is buggered up and has serious alcohol reactions.

And, you know what else is not good – I’ve got a sore knee.  I can’t have a sore knee.  There is no room in my schedule for knee problems.  There is no time even for going to the doctor about sore knees.  I think my knee just has to get it’s shit together and stop being sore.


9 responses to “Arrgghhh…

  1. aaaah..remember..a hangover means a good time was had!

  2. Hangovers, not something I get anymore! Think your body is trying to say, Ok had a good time last night, but it wasn’t really worth it??? Not that I advocate not drinking, I like a drink too, but maybe you need to have a bit LESS? You can still have a good time and not get pissed as a chook eh? I hope the knee is getting better?

  3. I’ve been there (and – sadly – not that long ago!)… There’s a point when it takes you a full 24h to recover, that you still have the taste of alcohol in your mouth the next day where… however much of a ball you had with your buds and all… You think: this is not helping.
    And the water retention… oi!

    Hope your knee is feeling better!

  4. Hope your knee gets to feeling better soon.

  5. Now then Kathryn’s knee! Smarten up!! Back to powering her around for 16km easy runs!!
    hope that worked…
    Oooh hangovers…baaaad…..

  6. Knee, get your shit together! Not good about the drinking girl. Kind of makes it not worth it.

  7. Yesh you musht stop. Bet ya don’t. You have to do it over and over again to learn it proper. lol

  8. Yesh you mush stop.
    Bet ya don’t. You have to do it over and over again to learn it proper. lol

  9. When the hangovers are extreme and last for days us of the natural variety would be looking at the liver!! It may be under stress and not doing it’s job properly.

    Try some liver strengthening herbs and maybe a bit of a detox??

    By the way ‘shitty McShitty’ is my new favourite term!!

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