Long Run

Last night was long run night, a nice easy 16 km. Well nice and easy for me. Simon bitched all the way… which is a complete change since normally I’m with one moaning about the aches and pains and niggles. We ran part of it along the Darebin creek. I’ve never been along there before, didn’t even know it existed, but it was really nice. Unfortunately, the rest of the run was on concrete which wasn’t nearly so nice. Up and around the back of Northlands then over to Plenty Rd and back home.

We managed to keep to a even running pace with no walk breaks except at the lights. The worst part of the run was heading back down High Street at the end – the smell of all that yummy food wafting out of shops. So after the run I decided I needed carbs and protein – ie. a burger from Dannys on St Georges Rd (the best burgers ever). It took my sister and I over an hour to get there though – after her week at chronic fatigue clinic and my run, we were like a couple of old, old arthritic nannas.

Still I’ve pulled up okay today but am planning a rest day. I might walk up to Kmart later to give the legs a stretch and buy some knitting needles.


11 responses to “Long Run

  1. sounds like you and sara should start a ‘knitting club’ LOL

  2. I love the sound of a “nice easy 16 km”. I have never run that far. You’re an inspiration.

  3. I agree Kathy! I have never done more than 10 k.m, so i long for the day when i say i did “a nice easy 16 k.m” – very inspiring – looks like i won’t be spotting you during C2S Kathryn, you will cooling down in the water at Bondi while i’m still puffin’ up heartbreak hill!!!

  4. Love your running tales and that burger sounds yum and well deserved!

  5. Nice new blog mate!

  6. Awesome run Kathryn, 16kms!!

    I still get amazed that Danny’s is still there. I spent many a week-end night after drunken outings getting some kind of fix 😆

  7. Hey that’s where I often run (or have & will run)!
    Would you have thought 1 year ago that you would write “a nice easy 16 km?”
    Go you!

  8. Are you picking up a whole new bunch of friends here? I’m old and not very computer literate so the change is freaking me out!
    As always your jogging skills leave me amazed. Hope your sister is doing well.

  9. Like the new blog – I was going to come over here, but then I decided I couldn’t be naffed. So I made crankybee private – did I sent you an invite? Can you email me at belinda@crankybee.com? Thanks! And I wish I could WALK 16km! LOL!

  10. “Nice easy 16km” Noice one :o) I’m still not quite up to that, but getting there. I just had to say that I loved the tights post – gave me such a giggle this morning, and so true!


  11. Wow, I am suitably impressed!! I would love to be able to run 16km. That is probably why you have such great “hosiery” worthy legs!! Since having kids my cankles appeared and I have been loathe to wear skirts at all, therefore very little hosiery. It’s a shame because Blair LOVES me in skirts. I suppose I appear more feminine in them?

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