I’ve got a decision to think about – my local gym runs a boot camp program that costs $100 for 4 weeks (12 sessions) + gym entry of around $50, which is damn fine value for a program like that. The dilemma-ey part is that I’m still a member at Fitness First so I’d be paying membership there and it’s not like I’ll be using it much, what with 3 boot camp sessions and 4 running sessions a week. So do I do the boot camp and waste my gym membership fees for a month or be a tight arse?

I can’t suspend my gym membership because I’ve already suspended it for the maximum period allowed this month.

The other issue is that if I did any boot camp, even the one run by Fitness First, I’d be paying extra on top of my gym membership fees (a lot more than $150) anyway, so theoretically I’d be saving money.

I’ve got until Monday morning, when the program begins, to decide.

While I’m making decisions, I actually did make one this morning about my exercise program. When I go to the gym to do cardio, I do some bike to use my non-running muscles but then ended doing most of my workout on the cross trainer because I know I can burn a shitload of calories. Fine in theory, but this morning I went on my run and really felt the oomph run out in my legs around the 5 km mark. I’d done a gym session last night so I reckon I’m pushing the running muscles too hard. Instead of doing 5-6 workouts using the same muscle groups each week, I’m going to do cut out the cardio machines at the gym and maybe do spin or other classes instead.

If I make the gym workouts easier then I should be able to have more to put in when I’m running – ie. 3-4 harder workouts a week and a couple of easier ones rather than 5-6 hardish ones. Yeah, I know that is bleedingly obvious but sometimes I get caught up in the calorie burning numbers and ignore common sense.

Maybe that’s the answer – instead of bootcamp, doing so cruisey spin classes and keeping up the weight training and maybe some more yoga and pilates?


5 responses to “Dilemma

  1. It’s a big decision Kathryn. Boot camp is really motivating but I understand that you wouldn’t want to waste your gym membership either.

    Is the gym going to run any more sessions? Maybe you’d be able to suspend your membership for a different boot camp session.

  2. i have a gym membership at one club, so i can do classes, and a swimming membership at another – for the pool. the swimming pool has a gym too, but it’s not convenient for me so i pay extra to go somewhere else closer to home. it would be much cheaper for me to just have a full membership at the swimming pool club. and because my loyalties are split i don’t get the best use out of either facility. but what price health, and motivation? i reckon that if you think that you will be able to manage it financially, do both. then re-assess your options after that…


  3. i advance..im crap with money..and tootle from one thing to the next…however for me..if boot camp is gung ho..id just go for it…frig the expense,..we all know how good we feel when exercising well..and i believe they WORK u hard!!! your choice,,but i would pay and be happy about it

  4. Spin or some kind of cycling is a good idea – running really works the hamstrings and a lot of runners end up with a muscle imbalance between hammies and quads because they don’t do enough cross-training and/or resistance work to make sure everything is strong and happy. Then they risk injury ….knees, hips….uh-oh!

    So cycling will get those quads really working and hopefully avoid any problems.

    If you’re doing weights, you might consider doing a little more quad work than hamstrings too.

    It’s all about balance.

  5. sorry the deleted post was me. i’ll email u.

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