Shitty Run

I’ve had a pretty lazy weekend, mostly spent getting the laptop up to speed, but headed out for a 7 km run tonight. Simon picked the course – around Royal Park with lots of hills. I was very slow, mostly because I needed a toilet.

We’d done one lap and were almost back to Princes Park (and toilets) when Simon decided to change direction. His logic was that we didn’t want to run the scary, unlit bit in the dark. Couldn’t argue with that.

We found some public toilets in Royal Park. I had a choice of three. One that was vile, one with a banked up bowl and the third one, well it had some paper in it so I flushed it first and it seemed fine until the water came back up the drain on the floor. I think it was water but I screamed and ran out fast. Since it was an emergency and #3 was the best of a bad bunch, I used it but didn’t flush it afterward. Apologies to anyone using a public loo at Royal Park *blush*.


6 responses to “Shitty Run

  1. oooh public toilets…they are mean mean mean things!

  2. Don’t you hate it when you go before your run but then take like one step and need to go again, but by then you are on your run and can’t turn around. I hate that.

  3. I had a very similar encounter this morning around the Tan but I was too horrified to blog about it- public toilets are just to nasty to contemplate sometimes.

  4. haha public toilets are vile! You know never to flush any toilet with the seat up right? Faeces particles fly up to 6 ft in the air.

    Also never wash your hands at a public toilet, you’ll only succeed in picking up more germs as you go. (Unless you wiped your arse with your hand or something or course haha)

  5. I reckon being a plumber would be the worst job on earth and being a plumber for the council would have to be horrific.

  6. ombites (mary)

    Haha…love reading about your running adventures! I’m with Debstar, what a job to be a plumber for the council!!

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