I heart my laptop!

My laptop rules. It’s speediness means I can do amazing things like play Itunes and do other things at the same time. Woohoo. I haven’t tried using the wireless yet but I set up my modem – I thought it would be dead hard because I lost the install Cd (well, it’s not lost, just in a box in my storage space…. arggggh!) but I did it. The hardest part of the whole changeover process was that I only had one mouse and had to keep swapping it over. I can’t use those whizzy finger thingos on the laptop. Plus the mouse kept thinking I’d double clicked when I’d only clicked once so I got very mad.

Get this, I used a flash drive to move all my files over. It took 16 minutes to copy the first lot of files onto it and 16 seconds to transfer them off it and onto the laptop. I even copied over my emails which isn’t the most intuitive process – plus I couldn’t search the folders on my old computer cos the search made the monitor go crazy! That was some fun.

The only thing that’s slow is my internet connection so I’m going to have to play with that tomorrow. I’ve spent far too long at the computer today. Oh and I also need Office or an Office substitute. I only want Word and Excel, not all the other shit that comes with it.

Okay, I have a deep, un-laptop related thought for the day. You know when you have kids and you made the tough calls and you tell them – ‘you’ll thank me for this one day’, that’s bullshit isn’t it. Have you ever thanked your parents for the tough calls? I’ve never thanked my mum. Mostly I still bitch about it. Although one time when I was 16, I told her I was staying with a friend and actually stayed at my boyfriend’s place. She found out and came and picked me up. I’ve never said that I was secretly relieved cos after the first night I was kinda bored and had no way of getting home. But if I told her, I’d be admitting she was right 😀


6 responses to “I heart my laptop!

  1. ombites (mary)

    I couldn’t live with my laptop now! They are unreal.

    LOL at the mamma thanks. I know what you mean! I somehow can’t seem to say thanks to my parents either and probably because they would just scoff at it. My parents are my heroes.

  2. I have thanked my Mother in the past and actually am continuing to do so. She always rescues me from the crap in my life. Although not completely. I kind of have to drag myself half way and then when she knows i’m committed she’ll help me the rest of the way. Does that make sense or was I a bit too cryptic. Anyhoo, I know what I mean. My Mum is the bestest!!
    Hope you’re having a great weekend. We have that WiFi thing set up in the office now for all the ring-ins that are coming up to help out with the extra claims. If you’re ever in the area you’re more than welcome to come and use it! haha

  3. my mum told me i couldnt do something once..i said ok..and promptly went and did it..after that she realised she just had to let me do what i want..no wonder im such a BRAT

  4. Steph's diet story!!

    i so need a new laptop!!
    What brand did you get??? new money year so its time to start spending money on those kinda things!!

  5. So glad the new laptop is behaving for you ! Computers can be nasty little buggers when they want to – sounds like you have a friendly one 🙂

  6. Try this for an MS Office alternative. It is free, and it it compatible with Word:


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