Fun run

We went for a long run today – 15 kms. About half way we passed a laptop shop and I’ve been looking for one for a while and, even though it was a quick browse, I found the one I want and put it on hold. The salesman had a bit of trouble with the concept that I was in mid run and had no cash or cards on me. He also had trouble with the concept that I didn’t want a sales pitch, just a few answers to my questions.

Anyway, I have to go in tomorrow and pick it up which is a total pain in the arse because it’s opposite Vic Market. I’m a bit worried too because it’s the same price as a lot of others I looked at yet far better than anything else in the same price range. It’s refurbished but I’d be paying at least double to get the same specs in something new. Plus tomorrows the cut off (end of financial year) so this is it.

After that, we continued running but it got very wet then very windy. By the time we got to Princes Park, we were the two most miserable runners ever. If we’d have seen a cab, we’d have not made the full distance. Luckily the last 4 kms were nice and sheltered.

I’m feeling a bit poorly now – we’d planned the run for 2.00 this arvo so I had a yummo orange and macademia nut slice for morning tea then no lunch cos I get sick if eat within 2 hours or so of my run then Simon called to say he was working from home so instead of running from work I went to his place. After much paffing around, it was 4.00 when we started running. by the time we ran, shopped, ran some more, showered changed, got out for dinner, ordered and got served I could have eaten a horse. I could have eaten a dead, rotting horse carcass! I scoffed down the best ever curry platter (we went to Lentil as Anything – one of my fave eating places in the world) and a few glasses of wine. Not exactly a winning combo!

We finished the night at the pub watching the footy. I’ve never been into footy but our family tipping comp is so hotly contested that I’ve been taking more of an interested. And – damnit – I tipped Melbourne! I have a system that makes no sense but usually works. It’s based on geography and personal bias.

So tomorrow I’m getting the laptop and since I’m in the Vic Market ‘hood, picking up some fruit and vege, then off to get some wool. In the arvo I’m planning trips to Borders and Starbucks and anywhere else with WiFi. I’m so excited – my old PC is so shite it has a Y2K compliance sticker!


5 responses to “Fun run

  1. Can’t believe that you combine running and shopping for expensive technology successfully! I can usually incorporate a bit of window shopping but that is it. Good work for getting out in the rain- it is such a test and you passed!

  2. ha ha ha. My name is at the top of blogs you read. I’ve finally made it for the minute or so that it stays up there. Why does this make me so happy…..I gotta get a life!
    Running 15km in crappy weather – you’re a legend! BTW thanks for the pattern.

  3. A new laptop – how exciting! Is the Wifi access free in places like Borders?

  4. most people do not understand how multitasking can be done, particularly it guys, as they have often had to spend so long specializing.
    it is also interesting how some people say there is no time for exercise, because it is quite amazing how much inspiration one can get while or after exercising, inspiration for laptops included: Well done!

  5. I love the whole idea of running and shopping at the same time. Enjoy your new laptop!

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