Runs and Gatherings

Tonight was supposed to be a speed interval session at Princes Park.. ha, ha, that soon got moved inside. We did 2 min fast, 3 min recovery x 5 on the treadie at the gym instead and I’m buggered now. I think I went too hard cos I couldn’t maintain my fast speed for the last interval.

In November I have to go back to Tassie for my Nan’s 95th birthday. I’m determined to be total buff and gorgeous by then. I’m going to see heaps of rellos that I haven’t seen in over 10 years (I’ve been back home since then but never bothered seeing them).

Now, all you Melbourne knitters, the lovely Brooke is organising a knitting get together with much frivolity and snack foods. Go tell her you want in on it. Remember you burn 40 calories an hour more knitting than just sitting on your butt.


6 responses to “Runs and Gatherings

  1. hey hadnt noticed the weight thing previously(yeah im a bit vague!!).. gee youve done a fantastic job already..keep up the great work 🙂

  2. How many calories in a chocobana ball? LOL!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon :O)

  3. 40 calories an hour! I’ve knitted 4 cushion covers for my daughter. They turned out great, eventually. I’ll have to go look for a new easy project to keep working on those 40 calories. Does that mean I can eat chocolate while I’m knitting then?

  4. I would love the beanie pattern. My email is
    Thanks heaps

  5. I love seeing the look on the faces of those people who haven’t seen me for a while. I’m sure your relatives will be suitably impressed. 🙂

  6. mate, you’re gorgeous already!
    speed sessions? eek! The last one is supposed to make you want to puke 🙂
    take care
    BTW the verification word is smenita – sounds like a ukranian aunty!

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