I’m so cold. I don’t think I’ve been really warm in the last two months or more. Yesterday at work I was complaining about the cold and one of the woman said she freezes when she gets up of a morning until she puts on the ducted heating. I nearly hit her. If I had ducted heating, I’d be in heaven. Well actually even hell is looking good because it’d be warm.

The other day I thought about packing all my stuff into the car and driving until I could turn the heaters off and moving there. It’s damn cold. Sometimes it’s even colder inside our house than it is inside. At least I’m motivated for my morning run – it means I only have to shower in the arctic bathroom once a day!

When I get paid this weekend I think I’ll go shopping for more heaters and some thermal underwear and a bodysuit made from electric blankets.


5 responses to “Cold

  1. Kathryn, I am really suffering this year also even with ducted heating. Until it warms up I think its warmer outside also. The plus is that its beautiful and cool in the summer.

  2. I’m with you Kathryn. I hate the cold. I hate the cold. Thank goodness for the electric blanket.

  3. Let me just say that thermal underwear is worth its weight in gold. I feel the cold and I can heartily endorse the superfine merino winter woolies.

    Also – nothing better than a slow cooked stew with fresh bread. Oops did I just talk about food? Sorry.

  4. ive never really minded the cold..but this year i am freeeeeezing.. its often colder in my house than outside!!!although i shouldnt complain..maybe its because i lost some fat that used to keep me warm 😉

  5. When I went for my run last night it was so cold my face froze. When I got home I couldn’t speak properly!

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