First up, I have an blogging etiquette questions – when people leave comments with questions, should you reply in your own comments section, reply in the comments on their blog (if they have one) or post the reply? I’m never sure and I assume people aren’t going to come back and read through the comments to see the answer, plus I get my comments emailed to me so never go into that section.

Today’s been a bad day. Not serious bad, just irratingly niggly bad. I got caught in traffic again this morning, the traffic is hell this week for some reason and it’s so unpredictable. No matter what time I leave home, I get caught somewhere along the way. It vexes me no end that most of these cars are people going into the city and I have to get around them. Catch public transport, you precious bastards and leave the roads free for those of us going places where there is none.
It took me over an hour to get to work. That’s ridiculous. I get so angry and frustrated sitting in traffic. It’s such a stupid waste of time. But I don’t get stuck long enough to do anything productive like put on my makeup or knitting or stuff like that. I sometimes have my breakfast in the car though – and now my car is filled with coffee cups. I’m never working anyway ever again that isn’t accessible by PT.
The other thing I’m sooking about is that I put on 3 kilos this week, well just under. What the hell is that about? How can a person put on that much weight? You’d think it’d take a serious effort but no. Well about from cake-apoolza the other day. Damn you, Preston market and your $4.90 boxes of little cakes. Three freakin’ kilograms. That’s insane.

13 responses to “Frustrations

  1. Yay first to comment! Just wanted to tell you how clever and wonderful you are – I got my slippers today they’re awesome! Have them on right now. You’re very talented! I wonder if I’ll ever be able to make something that cool. Don’t worry about the 3 kilos, you know what to do. I’m sure it isn’t 3 kilos of FAT, just one of those random things that goes up and down. Like when we lose 2 kilos when we know we don’t deserve it! Blogger etiquette? I usually respond in their comments. I know that when I leave someone a comment I never go back and read their comments for that same post again… and having to make your own posts answer someone elses questions is kind of annoying…

  2. CaramelKitKat

    If they have an email address attached I reply to the comment in my inbox. If they don’t I might post a response on my blog, or in their comments. I wouldn’t have thought to look in their comments for a reply, but lots of people are doing this nowadays (is that a word??).

    Yep, traffic sux arse. Any chance you could knit while driving? Have you seen what I think is called a knitting goose? It was used back in the day and tucks under the arm to hold one knitting needle, allowing people to knit while having one hand free. It’s probably not the safest thing, but I get myself organised by writing lists and cleaning out my handbag and car – the bits that I can reach while buckled into the driver’s seat anyway. I don’t know what you do with the next day in traffic though. Oh, I also once filed, buffed and polished my nails between Bondi and the city on a s-l-o-o-o-o-o-o-w trip.

    There is no way you could have put on 3kg of fat in one week. Lay off sodium and weigh in a couple of days.

  3. CaramelKitKat

    That didn’t make sense. I would not think to look in someone’s comments for a reply to a question I had just asked, and so wouldn’t expect them to look for a response from me in mine.


  4. I wouldnt stress about the 3kg either, sometimes our bodies do fuckd up things – betcha its gone next week!

  5. ARRGH that sucks Kathryn. Traffic! Scales! It’s just plain demoralising seeing a big jump on the scale. I’m sure it’ll be one of those temporary jumps!

    I tend to answer comments in the comments or just email the person directly if they’ve left an address, depending on what kind of question it is and/or how energetic i feel at the time. hehe 🙂

  6. ombites (mary)

    LOL so, how long have you been blogging and you’re asking this now? Too funny. I am the same. I usually just email them back, if their email is visible or leave them a comment in their latest post. I never go back to comments either. I’m sure I miss replies to my own questions because of this. It can be a bit tricky. I actually responded in my own comments the other day and it felt a little stupid.

    Traffic *grrr*, I feel your pain.

    3 kilos? Nah…something else is going on there babe. Check it again in a couple of days.

  7. As far as answering questions in comments goes – if I want to make sure they see the answer I reply in their comments.

    3kg in a week is a blip – hormones, salt, or one of the gazillion other things that drives those of us trying to lose weight crazy.

    I’ve left my car down in Melbourne, so I’m a PT user in Canberra. Takes all the stress out of peak minute. Mind you, I love driving my car on weekends.

  8. The weight? It’s fluid. Too much salt, not enough water, waaaay to many carbs. Or hormones….one or more of those things is sure to be the cause. Most of it will disappear if you eat well and drink your water this week.

    I’m with you on the traffic. I travel east-west, and have no alternative to driving (unless I’d like to spend about 3 hours getting on and off 4 different forms of transport), and my route is clogged up with city workers heading north to south who have a positive feast of trams, trains and buses at their disposal. Grrr.

    I make phone calls whilst crawling along in peak hour. (With my hands-free bluetooth thingy,of course, I’m not looking for a big fat fine!) Or if it’s an unsociable hour for ringing people, I play CDs and sing along VERY loudly.

  9. your bloody valentine

    Regarding the questions question, I usually e-mail back (if I have the e-mail) or sometimes I answer the question in a later post.

    I read a few blogs where the blog writer comments in the comment section and one blog that has a Friday questions blog every week, that may be a little extreme for most of us!

    The 3 kilos will disappear quickly. It’s always salty goodness that does that to me!

  10. RE: questions… I usually post the answer on my blog, sometimes I email them if it’s a more personal question.
    3 kgs… must be fluid … road rage can do that to you, you build up steam and all that … ha haha! I’m sure it will be gone just as quickly as it came, for whatever reason. Leave the cakes alone and maybe that will help??? derrr, cakes…. *drooling now*

  11. I usually reply with a comment on the same post they commented about, since that’s where they asked the question.

    Personally, I find it strange to go and post an unrelated comment on another post on their blog.
    Perhaps that’s why I don’t get many comments, I’ve been following the LJ etiquette, whereas it sounds like Blogger etiquette may be different. (Could just be that my writing sucks though, as to why I don’t have many readers/comments. LOL)

  12. I feel your traffic pain Kathryn. I crawl along the eastern and down Princes St every morning. I usually chat on the phone (handsfree of course) and do my makeup. I dont stress anymore as I’ve realised there’s nothing I can do.

    I reply in my comments to some people who I know check otherwise I reply in my next post or by email.

  13. I usually post reply in my next blog post. Not sure if that is etiquette or not, but it’s what I do!

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