After yesterday, I decided no more shopping…. that lasted until I popped into Kmart today. If you buy any clothes you get 70% off the second item! And I got the bestest thing, a really long, butt-covering hoodie. I hate those short hoodies that rid up and freeze your back.

I ended up spending $45 and got a turle neck jumper for work (been looking for one for ages), the hoodie, a pair of trackies and some running shorts – purple ones… I actually looked at these shorts last time I bought some but got a different pair but put them back. But they were reduced to $10 and, with the 70% off that’s a measly $3!

When I got home and read Jaykay’s comment, I almost run out the door to the Converse outlet then stopped myself. I think I’ll try a few runs in the new shoes before I buy a second pair. Plus I can’t handle Smith St on a Sunday – it’s full of parents buying their fat kids Nikes to wear playing Nintendo (I have a thing about people buying expensive sports shoes for “leisure”, prolly cos I’m always scraping to buy them when I really need them).


6 responses to “Bargains

  1. I buy Mens hoodies because they are longer and don’t freeze my handles!

  2. We had that KMark sale here too!! Talk about co-ordinated.. yaaa for a bargin! Hope your new shoes are comfy mate.

  3. I have never understood people who buy Running shoes for fashion, there are plenty of fashion trainers out there.

    Now, off to the 24 hour Kmart in Burwood for me………..

  4. I have a pair of Saucony Omni’s too – I have about 400km in them at the moment – I think that the Sacony’s are a great shoe! Hope you enjoy yours too!

  5. ombites (mary)

    I just bought a hoodie and it doesn’t cover my bum! Will have to check out Kmart too. I hate how fashion is so bloody impractical and I don’t think people look good in winter with half their ass and back hanging out. It just looks ridiculous and cold. Hang on…I walked up to yoga on the weekend with scarf and all but was wearing thongs. Go figure…I was trying to be practical though in this case.

    LOL yep, people spending mulla to just sit on their ass, in their own homes. Gotta look good at all times hey, just in case.

  6. You have to love a good sale! That’s pretty good shopping for $45 Kathryn.

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