The foot is much better now and that makes me very happy. I went for an easy run on Wednesday morning and that did me now harm – if anything, things felt better afterwards. Still I think I should be wary for a while.

Thanks Andrew (and others) for the advice on the podiatrist. I actually get one free appointment a year with my diabetes plan and forgot to use my referral so I’m planning to go back to the doctors and get that sorted then I can get the podiatrist to check it all out while I’m there. She only works Saturdays so that might take another week, minimum.

The other thing that has come out of all this is that I’ve been ignoring the tightness in calves when I’ve been running. Stupid, I know. I never used to get tight calves and I’ve got a feeling it’s only happened since I bought my new running shoes. When I start getting paid, I want to go get some properly fitted, probably from Active Feet. I also plan to go get a good massage.

It’s really a good thing – better to have something minor spring up and get these issues sorted than having something major crop up later.

Sometimes I think my body’s falling apart. It’s weird – when I was overweight, I never had any issues but now there’s always something. I guess it’s like having a car. If you sit it in the garage and never drive it, you never have to worry about repairs. Until it rusts away in a big heap. While if you take the car out and push it to it’s limits, every little irregularity starts to show up.

And that reminds me of the other thing I have to do – get the car serviced.


8 responses to “Healed

  1. glad to hear about the food! your car analogy is brilliant! i never had any health problems until i got off the couch, hehe.

  2. Sad to say the older the car the more problems. As for the calf muscles – STRETCH – the last thing you want is shin splints.

  3. I got fitted at Active Feet then put the shoes on layby there and then bought another pair cheaper somewhere else so I could run in them while I paid off the layby- does that makes sense?? Can never have too many pairs of (running) shoes!

  4. I get tight calves a lot and find that the old self massage works wonders. Active feet are worth going too for runners even if you do pay a little more.

  5. ombites (mary)

    LOL yep, I’m with you on the “problems”. We’re just more aware now hey and jump on it before the problem becomes unmanageable. Sadly, I think I will need to stop running. Will find out more soon 😦

  6. Last time I got injured my husband said why don’t you take up macrame – I told him I’d be much more likley to trip over if I was fiddling with bits of string on the trail!
    Seriously, stretch stretch stretch those calves mate!
    Also once you find the perfect shoe you can get them from US or UK ebay

  7. Yep, watch those tight calves, I have been stretching so often I’m doing it even without realising sometimes now – get some weird looks. “The Stick” self-massager is great too.

  8. Im having regular podiatrist and physio appointments at the moment. So annoying but they are doing good work. I have to have orthodics for my sore heels and arches. So glad yours is feeling better. Where is it you are working at the moment?

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