I’m A Monster!

I think my sore heel could be a bone spur thingo, according to my self-diagnosis on the net today. Yikes, that would be so hideous. I’m turning into the elephant man!

I’ll get it checked out at the doctors when I can get an appointment but have decided not to go back to the same doctor at the clinic – the one that said I had a brain aneurysm and broken ribs – both of which were wrong.

Still going to try to get out for a run tomorrow. And I did a really awful spin class at the gym tonight. The instructor needs to buy more than 1 CD – she just kept playing the same songs, over and over. Not good.


11 responses to “I’m A Monster!

  1. Kathryn, sore heels first thing in the morning is a classic symptom of Plantar Fasciitis (spelling?) too. So I would get it checked out – if the doc is no good do you have a good pod?

  2. Ahhh – good ol’ self diagnosis from the internet. Where would we be without it. Who needs doctors anyway, when you can diagnose all the diseases and then get the best remedies for them.

  3. I agree with Andrew but I hope for your sake it’s not. Plantar fasciitis can take months to recover from. I had a bout last year and was unable to run for about 4 months. Fingers crossed that’s not your problem!

  4. I know all about crap spin classes. One class I went to the CD player broke & we worked to ONE song for and entire hour. Another time we had a fill in instructor who played really crap 70’s pop music.

    Look after that foot its precious.

  5. ombites (mary)

    Definitely go to the doctor and not to the last shonky one! Dan told me to look on the net last night for myself and I just figure that I need a “real” doctor this time. It’s too easy to mis-diagnose.

    Are you daring enough to say something to the instructor about the CD? I probably wouldn’t be but if you go all the time, are you on the level where you guys can chat and you can say it in a jokey way?

  6. Like broken glass hey… hmmm sounds very much like PF to me, but time to visit the sports medico or at least a GP, the net is great for reference material after they tell you what is wrong, self diagnosis is prob not ht eway to go, remember those silly white coat wearing ppl go to Uni for 4-5 years (they must learn something in that time).

  7. Hope your heel magically stops hurting for you. Unfortunately, that just doesn’t seem to be the way our bodies work. Sucks, doesn’t it?

    Maybe the class could take up a collection for a new CD for the spin instructor.

  8. Oh no! Heel spurs are awful. I had them a couple of times when I was doing heaps of walking everyday and they were quite crippling. The last time I had one I started using the bike more to try to minimise the amount of time I spent putting pressure on it – and it truly helped – I haven’t had the symptoms since (and it’s been years now – touching wood).

    So it’s good you have the bike – if it turns out to be a heel spur and you need to keep off your feet a bit more to heal it, at least you should be able to go mad on the bicycle getting ready for the big rides you were planning!

  9. Hope you find a decent doctor and your foot is soon better.

  10. You know I would lecture against the dangers of self diagnosis on the net, but who I am kidding, I am the worst culprit!

    Everything I ever knew about stress fractures I got from Google.

  11. Me again – i would advise seeing Pod though. PF can be relatively minor if you get it early. I was back after only 3 weeks off and I have not had a flare up since.

    I read all these horror stories on the net and mine turned out just fine 🙂

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