Weekend Over

I got out for my run yesterday. What glorious weather for the first weekend of winter. I wanted to do a 12 km run and stick to around a 8 min/km pace. The first 4 kms were niggly and grumpy and blah then I got into a nice zone. Ended up thinking I’d done slower than planned but when I entered it into MapMyRun, I’d done 13 km instead of 12. Go me! I went from home to Princes Park with 2 laps then home again, figuring each segment is 3 kms but they are all a bit over. That made the pace look much better.

I got some cooking done – I made soup and a yummy roast veg pasta sauce for dinner last night but then was too full of soup to eat pasta so I’ll have that tonight.

My housemate woke me up this morning using powertools outside and I was going to yell at him but didn’t. Turned out he was making me a stand for my bike. Sometimes my housemates don’t suck. I might knit him some socks to say thanks.

Today I studied for my test (just ask me about non-finite verbs and I’ll tell you more than you ever wanted to know) and then went to the gym and did some cardio and a body balance class. Even managed to pop into Kmart and buy some more wool. When I got home, I turned on the hall light and it flickered then shattered – of course, I screamed like a girl. I just swept most of it up and didn’t realise how dusty our hallway is. No one else is home and I don’t have an extension cord long enough to run the vacuum cleaner in the hallway so I’ll sort that later.

Now it’s time for a shower and pjs and dinner then some knitting and telly watching.


5 responses to “Weekend Over

  1. ombites (mary)

    Gosh, 12km sounds like a long run to me LOL. It was a gorgeous weekend to be out.

    How nice is your flatmate. That is actually really sweet. Housemates always come with surprises!

    Sounds like a nice way to end your day too (apart from thebulb exploding). I’m already in my PJs and thinking about dinner.

    Sweet dreams sista πŸ™‚


  2. Well, I wish I could say I’d run that far recently. Furthest I’ve done recently is about 10km I think since GTR anyway. So well done.

    Good to hear your housemate is doing something nice for you for a change!

  3. You’ve got me started on knitting. I finished one scarf which my daughter has claimed and I’ve nearly finished another one only now I’ve run out of wool and the shop hasn’t got any more of that colour. aaargh.

    Go you and your long runs. I can’t even run to the front door at the moment.

  4. What a great run! It was a beautiful weekend for it.
    How nice of your housemate to make you a bike stand.
    Glad you are still knitting πŸ˜‰

  5. Yikes, I’d scream like a girl if the light bulb shattered as well, lucky you weren’t hurt.

    You are getting some great runs in at the moment too, well done.

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