Lousy Run

I went out for my 11 km run yesterday. I so didn’t feel like it and started off walking, thinking I’ll run soon, I’ll run soon. The plan was to run to Royal Park station then back to Princes Park for a lap then home. I hate running the section between Royal Park station and Princes Park with a vengeance – it’s got some nasty hills – and was almost tempted to do an extra lap of Princes Park instead but figure avoiding hills is cheating and, if I want to do the City to Surf this year, I need to run hills.

I felt miserable the whole time. I didn’t want to run, my sports bra was chafing, I was too cold then too hot. The whole run, I was a complete sooky la la. Then, on my lap around Princes Park, my knee started hurting a lot. I had those two voices – the tough one saying: ‘stop whinging and keep running’ and the other one saying ‘stop running now.’ I tried stretching and resting but it still hurt.

I think the tough voice is a good one to listen to when it comes to sooky fits but not for injuries and pains. I walked the last 4 kms and even that hurt. I’d have caught a tram home except that would have meant going into the city and back out again.

Luckily now I’m stiff and sore but it’s the regular, good soreness not injury soreness so I’m glad common sense won the day. I think the knee soreness come from having tight quads from the bike riding. My right quad felt tight as tight in the shower afterwards. I gave it a good, hard rub (that sounds vaguely dirty) and it’s fine now.

When I got home, I made my sister a big, birthday brunch of banana pancakes. Yum. I also made her a special birthday dinner of pot pie because I’m a legendary sister of much niceness. They have had this yummy sounding pie on the specials board at our fave cafe so I decided to to make my own version. It’s just vegies in cheese sauce with a pastry top. It even works out quite low in calories the way I made it.

I was going to do more running today, but think I’ll rest the legs and maybe just go to the gym and do some upper body work. I’ve got a stupid ‘take home’ test to do for class on copyright *yawn* so must get it done… boring, stupid copyright.

6 responses to “Lousy Run

  1. You are not a sooky la la- you are sensible. You are indeed a great sister!

  2. That “pot pie” sounds delish! Might even give it a go… another way to get veges into the little shit named Griffin! Hope your legs are feeling tip top now.

  3. Kathryn, we all have runs like that, I had one last week – they are horrible. It is indeed wise to ignore the “tough voice” when real pain is involved, but why do us runners find it so hard to do? Well done though on taking it easy when the pain struck.

  4. It is so hard to pull the pin on a run isn’t it!! Had to do it myself on Saturday 😦

    Wish my sister was here to cook for me on my Birthday, not that she would, lol!

  5. Hi there. You don’t know me but I’ve been lurking on your blog for a while. Love your work!

    Anyway, I wanted to say that knees are often a point of conflict between running and cycling. They’re okay on the bike, but the next day’s running makes you feel like an arthritic old woman. You might want to plan a rest/walk/gym day between cycling days and running days.

  6. I wish my sister would make me breakfast and dinner for my birthday. Then again if she did that then I would be expected to do the same for her and I don’t like cooking at all.

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