Today I planned a 5 km run – my training program has “easy” runs and “relaxed” runs. What the hell is the difference?

Anyway, still lacking motivating but I forced myself out the door. I got halfway through my run and realised I was making good time so pushed myself and ended up with non-race pb of 31.30 mins for my 5 km run. My pb from Queen of the Lake last year was 30:36 so only a minutes difference and, considering all the wait times at traffic lights and cross streets I had today, I’m pretty darn impressed with myself.

Other than that, I’ve set up 3 job interviews and 2 weeks of temp work today. That’s mighty productive. And many opportunities to wear the new $90 skirt (I picked it up off layby yesterday).

Now I have to get my sister fired up and ready – we’re going to get gold class tix for Pirates of the Carribean for her birthday this week, if we can still get them.


4 responses to “Run

  1. Well done on the training pB, don’t you love those? I cheat though and stop the watch when i am waiting at the lights and stuff.

  2. Way to go Kathryn….excellent work there girl!

    Luckily with the Garmin it knows when you stop and it stops too. Then it starts again when you start again….love my Garmin :0)

  3. Good run Kathryn, certainly sounds faster than the race PB accounting for the traffic lights etc. I usually stop my Polar when I’m stopped too – the worst thing is when you forget to restart it though – should have bought a Garmin – doh!

  4. What’s your program for? Did you know the melb (half)marathon ends with a LAP OF THE MCG??? you wanna do it or what?
    that is a smoking 5km btw

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