Woolly Issues

I had back to back job interviews. The first one was a shocker. The interviewer told me that I don’t sell myself well and come across as lacking confidence. That might be true since I’ve had a lousy track record with interviews lately but he was a total douchebag about it. He asked me about my skills in different areas and I told him what I’d done in various jobs and the skills I had – what else are you supposed to do? He then went through my resume and asked me how I’d gotten my past few jobs – if I’d known someone at the company – implying that’s the only way I’d get a job! Arsehole.

The second one went really well though so screw him.

Since I was in the city and had some extra cash, I went for a look around the shops. I got a cardi at Cotton On reduced to $10. I’d thought it was $15 so that made me very happy. I also got some fingerless gloves with pull over bits to make them into mittens. They are extremely cool and I’m wearing them now. My sister thinks I should have got her to knit me some though since she’s knitting gloves atm. She seems to knit everything for hands and arms while I’m more focused on the feet.

After that, I went to Portmans. I’ve wanted to try on one of those high waisted skirts with the braces type bits at the top for a while. Since my most problem area is between my boobs and legs, I figured they’d either look really good or really shite, but I’d never know without trying it. So I waited an age for a free fitting room and tried it. It looked fantastic. I was looking in the mirror thinking – damn my legs look good… yeah they look really good… mmm better have one more look at my legs before I get changed… sometimes I’m unspeakably vain.

The thing is, the skirt cost $90. I’m not working, I have nowhere to wear that skirt. On the other hand, I’ve not wanted to fork out cash for a suit so have been wearing a suit I borrowed off my sister to interviews. It’s a good suit but it’s just not me. For starters, it’s got pants. I hate wearing pants. I don’t look my best in pants.

Then I thought maybe the reason I have nowhere to wear a $90 skirt is because I don’t own a $90 skirt. If I had a $90 skirt then $90 skirt wearing opportunities would open themselves up to me. Maybe I would be confident and able to sell myself if I had a $90 skirt. So I put it on layby and I’ll pick it up next week.

When I got home, I checked my bank balance and had more money than I thought so rather than saving it for the $90 skirt, I went to Rosanna to check out a wool shop. It was such a lovely shop. Everything was so totally organised, unlike places like Spotlight where the knitting stuff is a total mess. And the wool shop lady was lovely and helpful and happy to answer all kinds of questions. I spent far too much money but got some magical sock wool that knits into a pattern so you look like you did clever stuff and some red and black sock wool to make my sister ladybug socks – I’m making everyone in my family socks for Christmas. When I made my first sock, I used 8 ply wool. Now I’m using proper sock-making 4 ply and it’s insanely slow to knit, plus I started off wrong and had to undo a heap of rows!

All up, it’s been a woolly day.


5 responses to “Woolly Issues

  1. ombites (mary)

    What a complete tosser the first interviewer was. That’s just so unnecessary. Glad you had a better second experience. Interviews are never fun are they.

    I like the sound of extra cash though! I’ve heard how great your legs are too šŸ™‚

    You are really becoming the woolly knitting queen! You’ll be giving Suzy a run for her money LOL.

  2. Well Spotlight sucks…they are the most disorganised arseholes in the universe. And Portmans prices REALLY suck. BUT, if the $90 skirt looks fantastic on you,then you should definitely buy it.

    As for the interview guy, he seriously needs to get a life….

  3. Instead of being angry about the first interview, be thankful for the honesty. An interview that leaves you thinking that you’ll be hired and turns into nothing does nothing for you (the immediate upturn in mood is countered by the worse feelings when it doesn’t happen). Now you know something you need to work on which could help you land the job you really want.

  4. That guy was definitely on a power trip. There are way too many people who feed off other’s insecurities and if pisses me off.

  5. what a powertripping f*ckwit! honestly. how horribly rude. can i kick him?

    i think you justify that skirt by saying if you love it you’ll get a great cost per wear out of it, even if you don’t think you have anywhere to wear it just wear it anyway and feel foxy more often. hehe šŸ™‚

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