I went for a run today and felt like I spent half of it screwing around with my iPod. It does this damn annoying thing where even though it’s charged, it comes up with a flat battery warning and shuts itself down. Normally if I turn it off then on again a few times it rights itself but the other day it started dead until my sister worked her iPod magic.

It’s getting worse and I know it’s just a matter of time before it dies completely.

This afternoon I had to do some stuff with Andrew and he wanted to go to JB Hifi to get a new iPod. He got his when they first come out so it’s heaps ancient now. We were looking at them and the Shuffles were so appealing, although scarily small. I looked at them and some other mp3 players and the salesman offered us a good deal so I got one.

I haven’t had the funds to impulse shop for months now and I never buy things unless I absolutely have to so it feels wrong to spend $100 on an iPod but I’m sure it will feel oh so right when I can run without my music stopping mid-track. Plus it’s pink and shiny.


10 responses to “Oops!

  1. Mine does exactly the same, stupid thing! Can your sister work her magic from afar? 🙂

  2. Funny you should talk about ipods. Yesterday the batteries died 1/2 way through a workout and today my earphones broke. There’s always something going wrong with my MP3 player.

  3. Hey Kathryn
    Is your nemesis email stuffed? can you post you’re other one please?

  4. I love my big ipod and never have any problems with it, but the shuffle that I use for running is hopeless. I can never get it to work or load stuff up. Or worse still it pretends that it is charged and loaded and then ISN’T.

  5. I love my little silver iPod shuffle. It is so easy to run with, just clip it on and away you go.

  6. Ooooh pink and shiny!
    Anyway it’s very important that you can run, it’s a health thing, so it’s like health insurance 🙂

  7. Money well spent I say. A girl must have music!

  8. Hey hey the little pink one! That’s the one I’ve asked for, for my birthday!! Hubby got the standard ol’ silver but then the damn thing was so small that he lost it. It must have fallen into a crack somewhere. So he got a new one – silver again. I have to wait and see if the first one turns up before we can get my pretty pink one. The birthday is the cut off date.

  9. You definitely don’t have to worry about justifying running accessories- I am sure you have earned it. How is the running going? Any runs coming up ? Run2G?

  10. ombites (mary)

    You gotta have your music with you when you run! I can’t go for a walk without my mp3 player. It’s so boring otherwise.

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