Work… hard

This working thing is dead hard. It doesn’t help that I had a whole heap of stuff to do last night and didn’t get done until 10.30 then had to have dinner (Vietnamese soup, the perfect comfort dinner for the overtired) then tonight decided to watch The Godfather. I’d never seen it before, it’s an awful long movie.

The work itself isn’t taxing. It’s kinda mundane but I can wear my ipod. I’ve got another week’s work at the same place at the end of May so that’s a bonus. We have lots of slow periods so our supervisor tells us to go surf the net but I don’t like checking blogs and things when I’m in a room full of people.

I took in all my stuff to do boxing today but didn’t have the energy to go to the class. It wasn’t so much the class itself but the thought of showering and changing afterwards, oh and being around people. But I walked to and from work – around 8-9 km all up – so I figure that’s enough. I’ll do the same tomorrow then Friday I’m going for a run.

Must sleep … more work tomorrow…

5 responses to “Work… hard

  1. Yes, make sure you get plenty of sleep. I agree about checking blogs and things with others around, I don’t like it either.

  2. do you make your own vietnamese soup? no chance for a recipe?

  3. Oi! Writer! Is the Godfather an awful, long movie, or an awfully long movie? 😛

  4. Yum, Vietnamese soup!

    Good to hear you have some work going for you 🙂

    Byw, great work on starting the Beginners’ HM program. I am not going to get too concerned with the tempo work until I build my fitness. Even if I have to cut it back abit. It exhausts me just to think about doing 15mins worth at the moment, lol!

  5. ombites (mary)

    I loved the Godfather but then I’m into all that mafia stuff. I grew up with Balkan mafia undertones LOL.

    I’m funny about checking blogs if other people are around too. I find a lot of people just don’t get blogs and can give you a bit of crap for it.

    Sleep, work and now it’s the weekend. Enjoy! 🙂

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