I went to the gym and did a bit of a cardio circuit then headed to the weights room. Well either in the past few weeks of no weight work I’ve developed slayer strength or else the dumbbells were marked wrong (they had the weight in kgs marked on by hand so I’m guessing something is wrong there).

I picked up a 12.5 kg dumbbell to do my one arm rows and it felt like around 7.5 kgs. The most I’ve ever used for this exercise is 15 kgs and I figured since I’ve not done them for a while I’d need to go lighter. I ended up using 20 kgs weights according to them. Even with that exercise, I can’t remember it’s name but you lift the dumbbells straight up over your head and it hurts like hell, I had to use 10kgs and I normally struggle with 5.

It feels good to be doing weights again but I hope they were wrong. My dumbbell set at home only goes up to 12.5 kg and I can’t be buying new plates at the moment!

Tonight I cooked the yummiest dinner. I love brown rice but haven’t cooked it for ages cos I don’t want to be standing around our craphole kitchen forever waiting for it to cook, but last week I realised I could get it boiling then put it on to simmer and watch one episode of 24 (plus knit around 10 rows of my scarf) and the rice would be ready to eat. How’s that for multitasking?

Anyway the brown rice I cooked last week was so magically delicious that we ate about half of it on it’s own while waiting for the stirfry to cook so this week I decided to experiment. This is the recipe:

Kathryn’s Magically Delicious Brown Rice Thingy

Stock cube
Soy sauce
Brown rice (around a 3:2 ratio of water to rice)
Assorted vegies chopped fine (I used onion, carrot, zucchini, broccoli and pumpkin)

Bring the water, stock cube and soy sauce to the boil then add rice and vegies. Cover and simmer for one episode of 24 or two episodes of the Henderson Kids (on dvd, if watching telly then adjust for ad breaks).

Paneer cheese from the Indian shop.

Chop the silverbeet and cheese then stir through and heat. Add a dash of sweet chili sauce.

I’ve got heaps left over so I’m going to stuff it in some capsicums tomorrow night and cook them for dinner. I’m also want to experiment with roasting the vegies separately then adding them with fetta instead of paneer cheese.

6 responses to “Supergirl

  1. OMG that recipe sounds DELICIOUS! So does the roasted vegie variation. Thanks for sharing it!
    Take care, superwoman.

  2. Hey there Martha Stewart!

    Brown rice is the best, sort of a cross between white rice and barley, mmm-mmmmmm. Have you tried stuffed eggplants? They’re great with melted cheese and napoli sauce over the top.

    Thanks for your card, talk about talent! I had to look at it twice before I registered. You should contact the How To channel about getting your own show ;oP

  3. I just love brown rice too… no one else in the house does though… sad buggers! Your recipie sounds devine! Enjoy.

  4. Mmmmm … that does sound pretty good, especially stuffed inside the capsicums.

  5. that sounds bloody beautiful. anything with paneer has to be goooood!

    were the dumbbell numbers in pounds rather than kilos? or maybe you are just superduper buff? 🙂

  6. Ahh your rice dish sounds devine…
    I found a quick brown rice that still tastes good but only takes about 11 minutes to cook… well worth looking for!

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