I went for a run yesterday, well mostly for a walk…

I went for a run yesterday, well mostly for a walk. I’m totally losing fitness at the moment and need to do something about that. I’m wondering if I should start going for shorter runs more often just until I’m able to cope.

I got a running program off Lee that looks really good and I’m keen to get started but want to make sure I can run okay before I start. I’m struggling to run 1 km and can hardly believe I did 15 km at the start of the month. Damn injuries.

I have to go to my myotherapy clinic this arvo but am waiting around for someone to ring me back because I might have a job interview later in the day. I wanted to walk into town and also go to the city baths for a swim and some weights work so am getting frustrated trying to work out how to fit it all in. Plus if I have a shower, he’ll surely ring back and I’ll miss the call. I’m sure he’ll leave a message though. Maybe I should just get organised to go into the city and wear my interview clothes to be on the safe side.

This weekend I’m house sitting for friends. Should be good – no distractions so I can get some writing done plus my editing homework. And they have a coffee machine, woohoo!

The days seem to go by so fast and it’s amazing how hard it is to get stuff done. We haven’t had a chance to go househunting this week at all. Even though we both aren’t working, my sister has lots of medical appointments, physio, etc and I have various things I need to be doing. It’s so frustrating.

Oh, I went to Lincraft on Tuesday and bought some wool. I’m knitting a scarf – it’s purple with blue and red stripes. The blue wool seems to be thinner than the other two colours even though it’s the same brand etc (they don’t say the ply on the wrapper but I assume it’s 8 ply). The past couple of nights, we’ve been sitting up until the wee hours of the morning, knitting and watching 24. I’m such a party girl! If I had a camera, I’d post a pic. While I was there, I got their newsletter thingo and there’s a jumper in it I want to knit. I’ve never knitted a jumper before but it looks easier and it’s really thick wool so should be a speedy project.

The knitting definitely helps cut down on snacking. On Tuesday night we down to get coffees and my fave chocobana balls then settled in to knit. I got so engrossed in my knitting through I forgot to eat it and still had it sitting there last night. That’s pretty much a miracle for me!

5 responses to “I went for a run yesterday, well mostly for a walk…

  1. I love knitting. I rediscover it every now and then and get into it big time which normally lasts me long enough for a jumper/cardy, a hat and some socks.

  2. OK sneaky alien creature, what have you done with Kathryn, there’s no WAY she would leave an Ericbanna ball uneaten!! hehe

  3. It is called getting in touch with your inner nanna! The house sitting thing sounds great.

  4. the shorter-runs-more-often thing will help you recover, unfortunately you just have to suck it up (I know, sooo frustrating!) as it’s the way you will get back to your 15km in the shortest time.
    If you get stuck with your knitting give me a call, I love knitting and am the official ‘knitting fixer’ at my work LOL.
    Good luck w/ the job!

  5. I think I need a snack-diversion technique for the evenings too, but I’m not sure knitting is for me. Any other suggestions?

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