Lately I’ve been having a problem with snacking when I watch TV so have decided the best way to fix that is by starting some craft projects to keep myself busy. Except I’ve realised it isn’t the watching TV that’s the problem. Mostly we watch TV on DVD and it’s the bit in between episodes where I feel compelled to get up and make a snack.

In the past few weeks we’ve watched three seasons of 24. That’s a lot of breaks and a lot of snacks. So far, this is my opinion:

Terri Bauer – too dumb to live. Seriously don’t go discussing “feelings” with the woman slept with your husband. Doubly so if they are an evil genius.

Kim Bauer – should stop pointing guns at people unless she intends using them.

Nina Myers – awesome!

Tony Almeida – hot. I don’t know how all these terrorists get caught because if Tony was my boss, I’d just sit around swooning all day.

David Palmer – should spend more time being all presidenty and less time wanting to snuggle with Jack Bauer.

Sherry Palmer – what the hell is going on with her hairline, it comes halfway down her face!

So last night I started my first project. I’d seen a picture in a knitting book of a beanie with holes in the top for you to put your pigtails through. I call it a Pigtail Beanie. So instead of actually knitting one, I got an existing beanie and unpicked part of the seam then resewed it with embroidery thread. It looks mighty awesome.

I’ve also been wondering if I could shoot someone if I had to. I really think I could. I’d like to learn to shoot. It’s been something I’ve been thinking about for some time. Does anyone know where there is a gun shooting place in Melbourne? I know there used to be one in Essendon but it burnt down so I don’t think it’s there any more.


9 responses to “Crafty

  1. I know where there’s an archery range. Not much help – sorry. You could try this mob for info:

  2. Guns are scary things, I don’t like em much, but could use one if I had to for sure! ONly trouble is if you use one to defend yourself over here you are the one who ends up in jail! Huh???

  3. Your beanie with the hole in it sounds just what I need for my ponytail.

    Without the hole it is very uncomfortable, especially if you have long hair like me.

    Can you post up a piccie of your beanie. I may have to send you mine so you can do your magic with it!

    And what a great idea for something different to sell. You’d definitely do a good trade.

  4. Knitting is a great way to keep your hands occupied. One year I made what seemed to be dozens of scarfs for all my sisters and various friends. I forgot to make one for myself! Don’t make that mistake. Do yours first.

  5. so funny that you went from knitting to shooting!!!!!! cracked me up!

    ps – i know some people to practise on if you would just like to try it out! hehe!

  6. I think there’s one in eltham.
    It’s one of my ‘one day I will…’ things too 🙂
    I’m knitting a rug in squares o f that feathers wool, very satisyfying as I can knock off a square nearly every night 🙂

  7. I think there’s still a shooting range in Geelong, but that’s probably too far away.

  8. I am very impressed with your ingenuity. Sounds like a great idea, funky!! I am concerned over who you may feel you may need to shoot?? If I was your flatmate I’d be behaving myself LOL!!

  9. OK so if someone read your post about shooting people you would never get near a gun haha

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