One of the best things about being an older sister is that you can con your younger siblings into all manner of shit, just to see if they are gullible enough to fall for it. It never gets tired. Like the other day, I talked my sister into letting me cut her hair.

Trouble is, the last laugh was hers because, unbeknownst to myself, I’m an awesome hairdresser. She reckons it’s the best haircut she’s ever had!

Then I decided to cut my own. It’s a lot harder cutting your own hair than your sisters because you have to look in the mirror and do everything backwards. Considering I can barely reverse a car, that’s not an easy task. And when you’re cutting your own hair, it matters if you stuff it up! I was much more tentative about hacking into it and doing fancy layering shit when I did my own so it looks okay.

I can run again. I have to take it easy this week – about 50% of my normal training schedule – but I can do it. That makes me happy. I want to try to get some swimming done this week too. And keep up the walking.


5 responses to “Hair

  1. Man, I wish you had a digi. New haircuts are always so much fun and wow, I’m impressed you did your own. I would definitely f-up. Good news about the running!

    PS. I just remembered I haven’t replied to your email yet but I will!

  2. Maybe a new career as a hairdresser beckons? Great news about running again, but take it slow – don’t rush it!

  3. YAY FOR RUNNING! And cool haircuts.

  4. you are so brave – seriously – my sister would have KILLEd me if i had have made one mistake – too scary!

  5. My god, you are multi-talented! Cutting your own hair is no mean feat, way to go! And a great way to save money….

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