As far as house hunting goes, we’ll definitely be looking. I’m just not sure how we’ll go – the rental market is meant to be hell at the moment and since neither of us are working it’s going to be tough. Still we can only look and apply and see what happens.

I guess the reason I think the burbs are quiet is because I used to live in Ormond which was a very quiet suburb. Everyone in our street had young kids. Of course it’s probably changed a lot now because those young kids have grown up now. Still it would have to quieter than here – we have all the revheads from all YOUR suburbs driving up and down our street. I had this plan. I was going to start taking down license plate numbers then finding where they lived then going around and playing loud music outside their bedroom windows while they were sleeping. Revenge – it rocks.

Of course most of them prolly still live at home with their parents but I think the parents have to take some responsibility anyway. If Andrew bought himself some V8 car with a huge subwoofery sound system and went hooning around in it, he’d have me to answer to in a mighty scary way. Not that he’d ever do that because he’s not into all that macho dick-measuring bullshit. And he’s far too cheap to buy a car.

Since I can’t run this week, I’ve been trying to walk every day but it’s hard. Well I find it hard. I like walking but only if I have a reason for it. Walking around willy-nilly doesn’t motivate me (running willy-nilly is another story). So yesterday I decided to walk into the city and swim a few laps at the City Baths. I kinda got distracted by Borders and by the need for one of those cute new 60s style dresses (lots of looking, no buying). Still I managed 8 laps (it’s a tiny pool) and about 6 km walk.

When I got home, I raced to Preston market thinking it finished around 4.00. Got there at 3.30 and it was all being packed up and closed. It shuts at 3.00. I walked around to see if any of the stalls were open late and one of the dudes packing up tried to sell me a bag of carrots. Since carrots were the only vegie I have lots of, I said no. He kept dropping the price from $1 to 10c… you can’t say no to a 10c bag of carrots. Then I got my wallet out and he said I could have them for free. I made a pot of carrot soup for dinner last night – yum.


12 responses to “Update

  1. I’m still at the no walking stage, and boy I’m looking forward to just being able to walk, let alone run. I’ve got to admit that getting a bicycle was pretty cool. I’m not the world’s best cyclist but I am surprisingly enjoying it more than I thought I would. Get your bike home – you might enjoy it more than you think!!!

    Hope the house hunting goes OK.

  2. Some loser does a massive burnout on our corner every time he goes past, and I cannot wait for the day when he loses it completely and crashes into something hard.
    Good luck with the house hunting.

  3. I wish you luck with the house hunting.. and oooooo carrot soup! Not my cup of tea…. unless it had lots of onion and some cheese added.

  4. You deserve a MUCH nicer living arrangement than your current one… lots of luck!

  5. Oh the hoons and graffiti and stuff like that is driving us crazy out here in the NthWest burbs at the moment. I couldn’t agree more about the wlaking too – it is boring as, isn’t it.

  6. Free carrots!! Bet that made the soup ever tastier! Good luck with the househunting.

  7. Gotta love free carrots!!

    I have a great idea for stopping all this pumped up boombox lowered car crap – stop allowing the little shits to finance these bloody lethal vehicles. What sort of world lets a teenager who doesn’t even know the meaning of work to be driving around in a car that is financed to the hilt. In the good old days you only bought items you had actually earnt the money to buy!! Soap box!!

  8. This is a time when you might be glad you have no oven – otherwise it would be carrot cake, carrot muffins, carrot scones…

  9. I use to walk all the time before I discovered running. Now unless I am on the tready and really powerwalking I don’t like it much. I actually feel like a dill when I just walk the streets.

    Good luck with the house hunting 🙂

  10. Yay for a radiant complexion, a new bike and free carrots! Gee I hope you get somewhere nicer to live soon, it’s such a strain being in an unhappy share house 😦

  11. I love the idea of the spiky trap – go for it I say!! bwoo harhar
    Free carrots are better than free muffins, at least carrots are negative calories – or is that celery? I can never remember.

  12. I had to laugh out loud when I read your post. Sorry hun Im a v8, subwoofer loving revhead. And it has nothing to do with a penis (as you well know) hahahahaha. I don’t like people being dickheads with their cars still though. Time and place,

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