Today I spend some time browsing on There’s been much talk about the rental crisis in Melbourne – rent prices getting higher and places hard to find. Still a girl can dream.

When I’ve thought about moving, it’s been to a flat in the inner suburbs. I love the inner burbs and love being able to walk to the city and most other places I have to go. If I did that, I’d be paying a lot more in rent to get like a tiny bedsit. That’d mean no housemates but I’d still have people around me plus cooking and sleeping in the same room – ick!

Another option would be to move further out and rent a house with my sister. Still problematic since she’s a bit dodgy with money, but we’d have a whole house to ourselves. We could even get a three bedroom place.

We’ve been talking about it and dreaming. How sad is this? I’m so used to living in this hole that the things I’m dreaming about are things most people take for granted – like having an oven. OMG I could bake stuff and make casseroles and pies and all manner of things. I could roast vegies without doing it in shifts like I have to with my tiny toaster oven.

Being able to put my kitchen stuff in the kitchen and my bathroom stuff in the bathroom. All my cookware is in my room so the housemates don’t a) use it and not wash it up and b) wreck it. My fridge is in my room as well. Every time I cook, I forget stuff and have to make multiple trips from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Off street parking. The thought of off street parking is enough to give me a tingly glow. I’ve never had it except once when I didn’t have a car.

Peace and quiet. I’m worshipping at the altar of peace and quiet at the moment. It’s not just the housemate issues, it’s living on a street where every wannabe stud in Melbourne has to test out their engine revving and doof music speakers every frigging weekend. I’ve always been scared of the burbs and all that silence but right now I think I could handle it.

Financially I think we could do it, if we get bond assistance and some friends to help with the moving. I wouldn’t have to pay to have my stuff in storage. I’d not have to put with the insane tantrums of my current landlords. I’d not have to dodge housemates when I don’t feel like talking to them. I would have to pay electricity and gas bills and all those kind of things though.


11 responses to “House

  1. FindingONEderland

    Dreaming like that is a good thing. I do hope you find something like that in your near future.

  2. But all that lovely privacy…and the peace might restart the writing vibe.

  3. I hate to burst your bubble, but…peace and quiet? Dogs barking, lawn mowers and power tools droning, the next-door neighbour’s kids screaming (endlessly), the fishwife across the road screeching at her kids, and the 2 drummers down the road pounding the skins. Oh, and engines revving and doof-doof thumping as all the teenagers in the neighbourhood come home late at night. That’s MY peaceful weekend in the ‘burbs. *sigh*

    Even right now, it’s 7:30am Saturday and some inconsiderate tool is using a BOBCAT over the back somewhere. Roar, clunk, roar, beep-beep-beep Aargh!

    I’m going to get my second coffee and then I may just kill someone.

  4. Stop dreaming and DO IT. The things you are dreaming about are the things the majority of us take for granted. Get a garden with a grotto and you will start writing like never before.

  5. Seriously for your own mental health you should find somewhere without housemates- for your safety and theirs!
    Email me if you need extra bodies and cars to transport stuff.
    You can always go out to find some noise if the silence bugs you.

  6. You’re right some of those things are things that some of us take for granted, but not the “Peace and Quiet” – not much of that in my house (unfortunately).

  7. WHAT IS STOPPING YOU? Really, if life sucks where you are bite the bullet and move chick! Life is for enjoying, not just putting up with all that shit. I hope you do it. And as for the noise around you right now .. get some ear muffs!

  8. So how far out do you want to go?

    Ringwood has plenty of rentals at reasonable prices, is about 40 mins on the train into the city and is also close to the Yarra Valley and surrounding areas.

    Try this link:

  9. Okay, so I didn’t get the whole link in.

    Just put Ringwood in places to rent on 🙂

  10. yeah, Kek hit the nail on the head there,

    Don’t get too excited about the peace and quiet of the ‘burbs, here in Blackburn Sth we have a doof doof car revving dick head population as well, not too mention the extended goodbyes with car honking at 3am Grrrrrr

    I keep hoping they will grown up and leave home SOON!

    My latest saying is that the grass isn’t greener on the otherside, not with these water restrictions (Ok, a little lame I know)

    But it doesn’t hurt to dream, I like to look up houses with perfect kitchens and big bathrooms.

  11. I’m with Jules, just do it! I think a change in environment will be so much better for you. There are always gems you can find once your start looking.

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