Good and Bad

I’m feeling much more chirpy today. This is despite last night… I just can’t NOT bitch about this.

My housemate had a friend over and they were running around the house (well more like smashing in his case, he’s a huge guy and it’s like some giant thundering through the house every time he walks) and she kept yelling in this annoying high pitched voice. I wanted an early night because I was so tired so headed to bed. Then got up and yelled at them for being so noisy. The housemate grunted at me and said they were about to go out. A few minutes later, he thundered down the hallway and slammed the front door.

I went to bed and an hour or so later, they came home. Shitfaced. She was crying and apologising then yelling for a chuck bucket and the dramas went on all night.

I’m so sick of it. If it was a one-off because he had a friend visiting then fair enough but he comes home late every night, stomping through the house and slamming doors. I don’t think the concept of other people ever occurs to him and I think he’s got a drinking problem.

I’m thinking about cutting a hole in the floor boards in the hallway and making a spiky trap for him to fall in. Just enough for him to injury himself cos I figure he’s so stupid I can keep doing that for weeks before he realises. It might work because talking to him sure doesn’t.

So anyway the good stuff – I had my myotherapy clinic today and they said it was free! I love free. That gives me the extra money to spend on good things for myself. My leg feels much better now but she said to not run for a week then to ease back into it. The problem is with my pelvis being all tilted wrong and causing my hamstrings to shorten. I also have issues with my piriformis muscle (???). Anyway I feel heaps better after she poked and prodded me. I’m going back next week so she can do it again.

I must confess, I went to the gym last night to do a boxing class but it was cancelled so I ran a little bit on the treadmill.


6 responses to “Good and Bad

  1. The spiky trap sounds too good for him – can’t you think of something more devious and painful!

  2. One word: stretch!

    Stretch those hamstrings, glutes and calves often and stretch them good. I see a lot of runners with tight muscles, and it can cause real problems with back and hip pain. You can stretch your piriformus easily too – try this one: Or roll around on a tennis ball to massage it.

    As for your housemate, I’m sure you can find a suitable torture for him here:

  3. No! No running. Not even a sneaky little bit on the treadmill!
    How about sinking to a puerile, pre-adolescent revenge attack – copy his behaviour at about 3am for a few nights?

  4. You definitely don’t need that shit in your life. Tell the big pisshead to get a brain cell and find some other place to live. The peace you will feel will be so worth the hassle of finding someone else to take his place.

  5. Your living situation sounds dreadful! What a selfish boofhead.

    Glad to hear the myotherapy news! And yay for free stuff!

  6. No running girl! You know you gotta rest it up or it will get worse. Sounds like the clinic was great 🙂

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