I’ve been feeling really uggh lately… anxious and stressed and icky. Not like anything’s really wrong, but nothing’s really right either. Not working and not having money and all manner of things all tied up together, plus I’ve not been able to write for the past month or so. I feel like that bit inside me where the words are has all dried up and every time I think about writing, I just want to curl up and have a nap. Since my leg/hip problem, I’ve not even been able to go running to de-stress myself. It’s just like a big uggh hamster wheel.

Tomorrow I’m finally going to the myotherapy clinic to have my leg looked at. Hopefully they’ll be able to tell me something concrete. I can’t stand wishy-washy medical advice. I don’t want to be told to wait and see how things “feel”. I want to be told YES I can run and not do any damage, or if not that then be given an exact date and time. I’m starting to think I should have gone to the doctor at least a week ago.

I’ve finished watching all five seasons of Angel – and now I’ve started watching 24. I’ve not seen it before it’s definitely not helping the stress levels! Just finished watching season 1.

7 responses to “Uggh

  1. I hope things pick up soon for you babe and good luck with the clinic tomorrow. I hope you get the diagnosis that you want!

  2. I really hope you get some answers tomorrow Kathryn.

    The 1st series of 24 is fantastic.. I sort of lost interest after the 3rd series although hubby is still obsessed with it. Keep us updated.

  3. Hope things start to look up for you soon. It’s so frustrating, not being able to pull yourself out of a blue funk.

  4. I agree, can’t stand wishy washy doctors. You don’t pay good money to get ums and aahs. Hope everything works out well for you soon.

  5. There’s only one thing worse than a wishy-washy diagnosis and that’s an incorrect one. It seems that the standard of medical practice these days is really low. I hope you do get some good answers and that they are the ones you want. My son is the biggest 24 fan ever, I’m like Linda liked the 1st series but then sort of lost interest (although Jacks daughter is a bit of a hotty I reckon).

  6. Good luck with the myotherapist Kathryn – it sucks when all the little things in life pile up and make you miserable.

    Wishing you a miracle cure….and a sudden windfall. 🙂

  7. Hey – how did the myotherapy clinic go? Hope all is well and that you were allowed to run all the way home (wee wee wee)!! haha

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