Sometimes I do some really dumb things. I had to go to Preston Market. I have friends coming over for dinner tomorrow and wanted the homemade pasta they sell (I won’t eat other pasta now because it’s totally inferior). Normally I avoid the market on Saturdays because it’s a madhouse but couldn’t make it earlier in the week so I got up at 7.00 planning to be there before everyone else except everyone had the same idea and there was no parking at all. Finally I got a park and went to the pasta stall.

Last night, before I went out, I took all the money out of my purse except enough for a drink and I’d forgotten to put it back!!@! Oh noes! I went back home and got back in bed.

I ended up going back this arvo and it truly is like an insane asylum. But fun, if you’re in the right mood. I got heaps of vegies for next to nix – including 2 big bags of grapes for $1. I’ve soaked a huge container of grapes in Cointreau ready for dessert… yummo. I also got masses of capsicums so think I’ll roast them to make the pasta sauce.

I got everything I needed for dinner, including wine, 750 g of homemade gnocchi and a tub of really good shaved parmesan for under $20. That is super cheap and makes me happy. Then I got a $4.90 box of little cakes too (for now, not for dinner).

The band last night were tops. The night before had been a sell out show so we went on the right night. Plus we got there just before the band come on. I’m too old now to wait around watching support bands and I find since I don’t drink that much any more I get extremely irritated by drunken crowds with all the pushing and jostling.

We had this one guy with the world’s biggest head standing in front of us. He kept going to the bar then pushing back to the same spot. Oh and doing this stupid dance/sway move so no matter where you stood, his head was in the way. That shit bugs me – if you want to keep going to the bar all night, stand near the bar not in the 2nd row. Other than that though, everything was good.

8 responses to “Stupid

  1. OMG, the Lemonheads, total blast from the past, the last time I saw them I was a wee young thing and they were playing at the Palace, I think it was probably ’93 or ’94.

    *sigh*, how we all loved Evan Dando, ‘scuse me while I go all dewy eyed for a moment.

    Your dinner sounds fab, you spoil your friends.

  2. I have a nephew called Leonard, who we nicknamed Lemonhead as a baby – his head was rather pointy! Now that he’s 10, we play him their music.

  3. I love fresh pasta and I have a pasta machine so I spend a lot of time making pasta, not getting it right and buying the real proper professional stuff that tastes nice not like a paper bag at all.

  4. I did the same thing the other day (went out with no money), only it only 5 minutes away to the local newsagent. Oh, those Cointreau soaked grapes sound devine!

  5. You dinner sounds yummmm. There are always people who will get up your nose eh? I can’t wait till I’m really old so I can bop them over the head and hopefully get away with it! Smile, it’s another day!

  6. I so completely want to be invited to dinner. It sounds delicious!

    LMAO at the going out without money. Getting back into bed was the perfect response.

    Glad you enjoyed the band.

  7. Yeehaaar. I’m second from the top on the blogs you read. I don’t think I’ve ever made the top yet. How does that work anyway? It’s a good trick. Does anyone else notice those names changing all the time, I wonder.

    Hope you didn’t overdo it on the easter eggs & those hot cross buns.

  8. Yeah, and if you want to keep going to the bar all night have a head shrinking before you bloody come out for the night you pain in the arse. I hate big afro heads in front of you at the movies.

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