Happy Easter

You know what rocks my world? Andrew is loaning me his PS2 and he’s going to borrow Singstar from a friend. Woohoo… not just entertainment but revenge on the housemates. They totally deserve it. New Guy comes home from work most nights and plugs his acoustic guitar into an amp and plays it. Why the hell would you need to use an amp when you’re only playing for yourself? Wanker. And our other housemate has been making as much noise as he possibly can all morning. They can’t even walk down the hallway without sounding like herds of elephants. But revenge will be mine, oh yes it will….


9 responses to “Happy Easter

  1. Amplifiers….why? Because it doesn’t sound the same, of course! A better question is: why the HELL do you need to start playing that thing at 10:00pm, when I’m going to bed?

    *sigh* Guitarists! Here’s a piece of advice – don’t ever marry one.

  2. LOL – go Kathryn! I love Singstar :o)

    Happy easter matie :o)


  3. Have you ever tried Singshot?. You should share your talents with the world as well as your flatmates!

    I went crazy on it the other day late at night (until after 2am). I could have sworn my neighbours weren’t home because normally they make more noise than a herd of elephants doing aerobics and it was dead silent, but then early in the morning I heard someone showering. So I assume they were treated to the pleasure of hearing me trying to screech out “Barracuda” and other such treasures totally unsuited to my voice. But yeah, serves ’em right for being so noisy normally! I love singing (loud!) – it’s so cathartic!!

    Happy Easter – enjoy your singing!

  4. Don’t you get a chance to vet your new housemates! How come you seem to have so many wankers living in your house….it doesn’t sound like fun! Turn up the volume and sing your heart out… badly if you can!!!

  5. Sing, girl, sing!

  6. LOL – revenge is sweet.

    While you have the PS2, if you can get hold of an eyeToy you’ll have a blast. They are so much fun.

    I haven’t tried Singstar. Let us know how it goes.

  7. Ahhhhh revenge! Sweeter than easter eggs!

    I can’t believe he plugs in an acoustic when he’s playing for himself. WANKER indeed. Arrrgh!

    Singstar sounds good fun. Have you played the one where you have these pretend guitar thingies? I can’t remember what it’s called but I sucked bigtime!

  8. Any way this can be recorded and posted on the blog so we can all hear you great vocal talent 🙂

  9. Bwahaha…give it to ’em sista! Yep, wanka with the amp for sure.

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