I’ve had a busy week of running around – interviews and errands and stuff like that. I’ve got another interview tomorrow then I’m going to the City Baths for a run. They are having an open day where you pay a gold coin donation that goes to the Children’s Hospital and you can do any of their classes. You also get a week’s pass to use their gym.

More details here if you are interested.

Not sure what’s going on with the interview process. I must truly suck at them cos I’ve still not got a job. It’s getting ridiculous – the other day I had to go for an agency interview for a 3 week contract. If I get past that, it’s a company interview. Lots of effort for 3 weeks of work!


3 responses to “Stuff

  1. Good luck with the interview- surely once you have a foot in the door you will have no dramas (there is a cliche for every occasion- sorry).

  2. It must get awfully wearing, putting on your bright and shiny face for interviews!

  3. Good luck for the interview! :o) I agree with Sue, your poor face must be aching from all that smiley interview action.

    Btw, I don’t think I congratulated you on the R4K – considering that you spent the week leading up to it with such awful pain in your hip I think you did well to do it, and that is an very respectable time too. I was the same as you, well cranky for the first bit – some people were so annoying! :oD

    Anywaysm hope you land a job soon. Keeping everything crossed for you…


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