Weigh In – 76.8 kgs

Yeah, I put on weight. Wasn’t expecting that after a week of no exercise (other than the run yesterday) and much snack food. It’s done and over… time for new resolve.

I had an interview today for a short contract in Ringwood. Can you believe I actually had to look up where Ringwood is on a map? I’ve only lived in Melbs for around 15 years. I knew it was kinda Eastish. Shouldn’t be too hard to get to if I get the job since I can take the freeway. Fingers crossed.

Tonight was my editing class. You know how they say there are no stupid questions – well who ever said that never met this dude in my class! Actually it’s more like that line in South Park – there are no stupid questions, just stupid questions. Every time he opens his mouth, I want to clock him over the head with a blunt object and you can times that to the power of infinity when he does it AFTER the teacher says it’s break time. Don’t come between me and my coffee.

Tomorrow is busy and annoying… got to run errands and it’s not just the week before easter, it’s also school hols. The world outside my house is feral.

Actually the world inside my house is too… the owner’s son (you remember from an earlier post where I had to drive his hungover arse home) bought around all this office furniture to store in one of the rooms — the room that belongs to my housemate who may or may not still live here and who may or may not be in rehab but who is definitely wanted by the police (you may remember from an earlier post where he left his porn in the bathroom). The furniture didn’t all fit (it would have if they’d stacked it properly) so some of it is in the hallway. It looks brand new so we pretty much suspect it fell off the back of truck. We are also wondering if they know what’s here cos there are some pretty good computer chairs and Andrew needs a new one!

Apparently there are going to be finish line pics from the R4tK up on the site tomorrow. I knew I should have worn my sexy, cheek revealing shorts and a full face of makeup like the woman in front of us… she had to be an aerobics instructor, you can just pick that look.


7 responses to “Weigh In – 76.8 kgs

  1. Ah, but peak hour traffice is soooo much better in school holidays! I’m loving it. Also, not having to get grumpy kids out of bed is a bonus.

    Just stay away from shopping centres – those places are full of feral kids!

  2. The weight monsters visited me too but they left me a bigger present than yours!! hehe

  3. The revealing cheek shorts- where with every step a bit of cheek escapes and then hides again- I hate them so much on everyone! I am a bit surprised how much I have put on this week too.

  4. OMG you have an interesting life – mine seems so boring in comparison!

  5. Good luck with the job. Hope the interview went well.

  6. LOL the mafia are at it again! What’s with the son even thinking he can come around? Very dodgy. Good luck with dodging the kids!

  7. Kathryn if you do get the job in Ringwood let me know and I can drive down and have a cuppa with you.

    I work and work about 10 minutes away.

    And don’t forget that there’s the shop that you like in Eastland Shopping Centre. Can’t remember what it’s called, but I remember you spoke about it in one of your posts.

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