Run for the Kids

Arrgghh, had a lousy night’s sleep last night and I want a nap but promised a friend I’d run an errand for him at 4.00 so must stay awake. Therefore this might be a very long and rambling post!

I did it, folks. That pesky leg didn’t pain at all during the run (the other one did though) and I made it. Before I got injured, my goal was to finish in 100 mins then, last week, I revised that to just finish. I did it in 101 mins so I’m damn happy. I’m actually feeling better post-run than I did most of last week but that might change tomorrow πŸ™‚

The reason for the lousy night’s sleep is that I decided since I’ve had late nights all week, there was no point going to bed early cos I’d not sleep anyway. Then, when I got to bed, my hot water bottle had leaked. Oh noes! So I changed the bed and mopped up the wet spot. But I’d overhydrated myself so had to have a few toilet trips during the night.

When the alarm went off this morning, I wanted to turn it off and go back to sleep but forced myself up. Had my fruit muffin with banana and a quick shower then headed over to my friend, Simon’s. He had a coffee waiting for me. He rocks. We got his partner Tim to drop us off in the city and walked down to the start.

We got to the start, well to the side of the start cos that was the closest we could get, and waited and waited. And waited. Finally we started moving. We were in the yellow zone and assumed there’d be a staggered start but heaps of people from the red zone pushed up in front of us. That was mighty annoying.

I don’t get it. People nominate on their forms which zone they want to go in so why push yourself up to the next zone? The timing doesn’t start until you cross the start line anyway so there’s no advantage. We were supposed to start at 8.30 but didn’t cross the start until 9.00.

Once we got over the start line, most of the red zone people who’d pushed in front walked really slowly, 3 or 4 abreast with their mates, ie. in our way! A heap of them stopped to send text messages or call people on their mobiles. We were very cranky for the first km or so.

I had a very weird thing happen at the start. I kept checking my watch, ready to start timing when I crossed the start and a message get up and go flashed across the top where the date normally is. Not sure what that was about. My watch is the one with my polar HRM and, since it’s an older one, I’m wondering if I’ve picked up someone else’s message. I’ve never had messages on my watch before, didn’t even know you could do it.

So we got started. The tunnel seemed hotter and more airless than last year. I was damn happy to get out into the fresh air. I ran with Simon to the end of the tunnel but my calf was really tight by the 3 km mark so I told him to run on cos I wanted to walk. I tried a few quick stretches but they didn’t help. I’d decided beforehand, if I could do 3 km, I could do the whole run cos if my leg was going to let me down, I’d know by then. I hadn’t even realised I’d run 3 km until I stopped then saw the marker. That gave me a bit of confidence.

It was so disheartening running along the Westgate Freeway and seeing heaps of people already on the Bolte Bridge. Luckily when I got onto the Bolte there were heaps of people still coming behind me so I didn’t feel so bad.

I decided because of my tight calf to walk the uphill bits and run the rest. For some reason, no matter if I walked or ran, I kept to 7 min/km. Every km marker, I was almost dead on 7 mins without even trying. Well until the last 3 kms.

We’d organised beforehand for Tim to wait at the bottom of the Bolte Bridge with gatorade. The whole of the Bolte I kept thinking Tim, Tim, Tim. Drinks and lollie snakes. I saw him and just hurled myself towards him. I stopped for a quick chat and a stretch. I dunno if the sugar hit got me going or what but the last 6 kms went past in a blur.

Got to the last 3 kms and it was like …. phhhtt, that’s just a lap of Princes Park and took off. Running along Southbank, everyone seemed to be totally rooted but I felt fantastic.

I missed the 14 km marker though and thought I had forever to go. I wanted to stop but couldn’t so kept running and running, thinking there was a whole long bit after the last turn but no, just a nasty little hill then the finish line.

After that I just wanted a water. I joined the rest of the cattle in the line for the goodie bags, expecting there to be a water table somewhere along the way. No such luck. There was a tiny bottle of water in the bags and much advertising material. Not at all worth a 30 minute wait.

The organisation at the start and end of the run was definitely the worst bit of the day. I got my bag from the check area (which was the one really well organised bit of the day) then found Simon and went for coffee, catching sight of Linda on the way.

I wanted to walk home to stretch out my legs but Simon insisted on the train since he could hardly walk. Damn him. That’s what he gets for finishing 20 minutes before me. If I’m stiff tomorrow, I’ll totally blame him.

So now I’m home and wanting to nap. I think I’ll have an easy week this week then start training for the Run to the G.

15 responses to “Run for the Kids

  1. Woohoo – you’ve updated… I kicked the boys out so I could veg all arvo. 101 minutes is a fantastic time and I’m glad your leg (body) held up.

    I thought the route this year was better than last year and I’m glad the Tunnel was at the start of the Run. Was it the same Tunnel as last year – I seem to recall a steep exit so maybe it was the Burnley? The start is a pain – we waited 40 minutes.

    I think seeing you was just that little bit of inspiration I needed to make the last couple of km’s. Gotta love familiar faces.

    Well done Kathryn.

  2. Congratulations Kathryn – sounds like an awesome effort. I wish I knew how people manage to run so fast – even the run/walkers!! 7 minute k’s sound to me like a blistering pace. Well done!!

  3. So with you, those annoying walkers, how rude, I’d have pushed them over πŸ™‚

    That Tim sounds like a gem, a lift to the start, personal aid station!

    Glad you had a good day out there and you achieved your goal. That was a very weird experience with the Polar, it has certainly never happened to mine, maybe it is possessed, at least it sent you a motivating message LOL

  4. Wow Kathryn, congrats for doing so well!! Hope you are pampering yourself tonight after all that!!

  5. Well done – pity about the start, but sounds like it was great anyway.

  6. Well done Kathryn, considering the lack of sleep and the injury rideen prep, that was an extremely good effort. I agree about the disorganisation at the start and the end.

  7. Congratulations- you showed that leg who is the boss! Yep agree with you about the start and the finish- thought I was going to be sick in the finish line. And straight back into training for the next one- you are dedicated.

  8. Well done, Kathryn – glad the hip didn’t let you down.

    Hope you’re enjoying a well-earned rest!

  9. Well done gorgeous that’s fantastic! Great time. Thank God for tim and his gatorade and snakes. Was it the burnley tunnel? Can you see evidence of the smash?

  10. Congratulations Kathryn. You rock woman! I’m glad you were able to run. Great effort.

  11. Wow, what a great effort! You have come so far in the last couple of years.

    Is Ab Fab still going or have people given up? Would be keen to keep it up with NZ/Australian products etc? Might kick it off today, what you reckon?

  12. Well done Kathryn – 101 minutes is excellent! I’m so in awe!! I can totally relate the the lousy night’s sleep beforehand – I got NONE :S Rest up well this week K, you deserve it!

  13. WOW well done with the run considering the past week! I’d be shitty with the people who push in too but how cool to get that message on your watch. A sign from god? LOL πŸ˜‰

  14. 101 minutes!! – well done mate, that’s tremendous, especially considering you were worried about finishing πŸ™‚
    Are you doing the Run the the G 10 or the half?

  15. A couple of days late as I haven’t really had a chance to jump on computer.

    Well, done Kathryn awesome effort especially with all the obstacles πŸ™‚ Enjoy your well deserved rest, I know I am!

    My next run is also going to be Run to the G.

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