I had my massage this morning. It was a good massage but not a superlative one. I’m kinda regretting not going to my old massage place still I’m all relaxed and about to drop asleep now.

It’s awful windy outside. I hate the wind. I have to walk down to Fitzroy which bugs me. One of the reasons I didn’t want go to my old massage place was so I didn’t have to go to Fitzroy. Arrgghh! Fitzroy is full of posers. You know what I hate, people who call themselves Fitzroyalty. How much of a wanker do you have to be to use that phrase? Those people should be lacerated with a zillion paper cuts then dunked in salt. Go be a poser after that, wanker.

The reason I have to go to Fitzroy is to go to Snooze, which I doubt will be full of posers. Snooze used to be Cap’n Snooze but now it’s just Snooze. I wanna know why… was the Cap’n court martialed? Did he get a dishonorable discharge? Questions will be asked. I bet Cap’n Birdseye is laughing now.

No exercise today, I’m just going to vege out and chill after my massage.

I felt shockingly bad after my run yesterday, totally washed out. Later in the day I wanted to nap but my sister told me to drink water – der! I hadn’t drank any all day and think I’d got a bit dehydrated.

I had another dream about the Run for the Kids last night. This time I got there and I didn’t have my run number or other things. I went to see about it but got told the run was starting and to run without it then I couldn’t get my ipod to play my playlist. It was all extremely stressful.

I think the reason for the dreams is not so much that I’m panicking about the run, it’s more getting to the run. It starts at 8.30 and, because it’s on a Sunday, I’ll have to catch the very first train. Public transport on Sundays sucks. If I miss that train, I’m rooted.


6 responses to “Massage

  1. Loved the post! I live in Brisbane so the ‘Fitzroyalty posers’ is quite amusing 🙂
    I’m interested to know about the removal of the Captn aswell…….

  2. Connex at my station seems to suggest that there will be extra trains on Sunday to account for the run. Surely that means that they will put on some that will actually enable us to get to the start on time?

    I am planning to go by train too, and I hadn’t even thought far enough ahead to check the timing etc.

  3. Fitzroyalty – I’ve never heard that one – urgh! I do agree, people using that term should be dealt with severely.

  4. Another one catching the train, yikes!! A bit nervous about that.

    As for the baby-sitting, got the 9year old organised just gotta sort out the pesky 3 year old, lol!

  5. Fitzroyalty – never heard that term, but I agree you’d have to be a wanker to use it about yourself.

  6. Whatever. People are always calling me that but I don’t care because I am Fitzroyalty…

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