Awful Run

This morning I had the most awful run. The plan was to run to Princes Park, meet Simon and do 3 laps then run home, making it 16 km in total. Well I run to Princes Park okay but when I got there I could have quite happily gone back home to bed.

The first lap took forever with walk breaks and stretch breaks and toilet breaks. I didn’t time it but it felt like a long, tough time. The second lap wasn’t so bad and the third one I just wanted to get done so I could go home.

I don’t think early morning running is good for me. Late morning isn’t so bad but this morning I practically got up, got dressed and headed out the door. I think I need waking up time to get all the body parts working. Plus I didn’t eat. My new fave pre-run breakfast is english muffin with banana – gives me lots of energy without sitting heavy in my belly. I skipped that this morning and went straight out running. Well okay, I’ll be honest, since I didn’t have any muffins, I had a handful of tiny teddy biscuits. Not at all a good idea.

On top of that, I saw my physio yesterday and she did a lot of work on my hips so not the best day for a long run.

Oh well at least I’ve got my run done since it’s going to be 33 today. It was nice and cool this morning and quite a bit foggy.


5 responses to “Awful Run

  1. He he! Tiny Teddies have made it onto my breakfast table a few times. They are such delightful little friends to have around. Somehow I think eating a banana instead might have been better for you this morning.

  2. That was good run to Princes Park at least 🙂 I was at Princes Park around 11am today and I pulled the pin at 2.5km, I just could not be bothered 😦

    I am hoping to bounce back tomorrow.

  3. Jeez, I shoulda run this morning because it was shit this afternoon.

    At least your intentions were pure 🙂

  4. I have a theory – any exercise you do when you don’t feel like doing it counts for double! According to my theory, you ran 32 km today!! Well done.

  5. Kathryn, have you tried English Muffins with Peanut Butter – that is my idea of heaven. Only trouble is I can’t stop once I start.

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