Weird Morning

It’s one of those days. I got up with morning planning to go for a run but it was raining and I don’t want to run in the rain so thought about going back to bed until the rain finished when I heard a knock at the door.

When out and it was the owner’s grandson (just to confuse issues, I think the dude at the door is actually half owner of the house but they don’t say that because they like to play the sick old granddad card). Anyway apparently he’d gone out last night, got shitfaced and picked up some chick who lives in the area. This morning he was stranded and couldn’t get a cab because of the rain. He offered me $50 to drive him home.

Normally I’d be happy to help someone out without payment but then I remembered that this is the same guy who a few weeks ago was on the phone yelling abuse at me because I was late in paying my rent – even though the reason I hadn’t paid was because his sister hadn’t come over to collect it. If you remember my past entry, this is the dude who wanted to come to the fun run at the zoo to get the rent money.

I took his cash. I’d have taken his cash and ditched him halfway except he knows where I live.

Actually I nearly ditched him halfway anyway because he wound down the window and leaned out, hoiking up spit balls. Then got back in the car and told me he’d almost spewed. Charming. He’d have been paying a lot more than $50 if he’d spewed in my car.

It was an entertaining trip, especially after all my talk about this house being haunted, because he told me about all the people who died here. I thought the house had belonged to his grandfather but it actually was his grandfather’s brother’s. The grandfather’s brother was an alcoholic and one night his wife was sick of him coming home drunk so locked him out and he died in the gutter. That’s just one of the eleven people who’ve died here.

Yep, the scum lords are a truly classy family.

It’s weird. Despite all this crap, I’ve never felt creeped out by this house even though it’s a big, old house. I’ve lived in a few places that have really creeped me. I don’t really believe in all that stuff but some houses really do have a bad vibe to them.

Anyway, since I’m relatively cashed up at the moment (I also got the cheque for my article yesterday), I booked a massage. I’ve had a mini dilemma – normally I go to a wonderful place in Fitzroy that are $65 but the local health food shop have a clinic upstairs and they have had a $50 special. I know that my usual place is guaranteed to be good but decided to give the local place a go. Not only am I saving $15 but I don’t have to go to Fitzroy and that’s a bonus cos Fitzroy bugs me.

So the rain’s stopped and I should go running. I’m not sure where I want to run today. I skipped the R4tK training yesterday because I couldn’t be stuffed going into the city and went to the gym instead for some cross training.

Oh yeah, tonight is Go-Go Dancing night. Woohoo. Tower Hotel, Collingwood @ 7 pm.

ETA: I forgot to mention the weirdest part of my weird morning. I had a pair of handcuffs in the back of my car – they’ve been there for well over a year since my friend gave them to me and I’d forgotten all about them – but the landlord dude just happened to see them and pick them up. He held on to them and played with them the whole way home then, when he was getting out of the car, asked if he could have them!

I was going to say, ‘screw you buddy’ but then realised it would be one less bit of junk in my car to worry about and anyway, if I were tempted to play bondage games with handcuffs, it wouldn’t be with the cheap novelty ones in my car.


6 responses to “Weird Morning

  1. Do you use all this weird stuff as inspiration for your novels or short stories?? Man, you’d have material for a library’s worth!!!

  2. Gross, $50 was cheap considering what a pig he was, yuk spitting out the window… did ya have to clean the outside of the car? ewwwww. Go-Go dancing, yep see ya there… in me dreams LMAO

  3. Wow that is just fascinating! Really proves the old “truth is stranger than fiction” line. You’ve got so many great stories that will come out of that house. Something to remember next time they are giving grief …

  4. You have such an interesting life- what sort of a person gets their tenants to drive them home after they have picked up??? I would have taken the money too. Still, what a freak! You have been doing some great running lately- so consistent.
    Hope he cuffs himself to something and can’t get them undone.

  5. I’d have charged him another $50 for the handcuffs!

  6. Your stories about your house and housemates just crack me up! (Not in a “sucked in” kinda way, just in a “the barstards” kinda way)

    Here’s hoping that the stories i’ve heard about someone having committed suicide in my new house are exaagerated… *crosses fingers*

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