Weigh In – 75.3 kgs

A decent 700 gram loss this week. I’m happy with that – I did well most of the week but kinda lost it on Friday and Saturday. Especially Saturday when I went to Daylesford for my run, couldn’t stop eating all day.

I did okay with the cutting back carbs. Sort of. It’s hard, really hard. You forget how many carbs there are in the world! Like apples – full of carbs. And coffee – lots of carbs in the milk. Not that worried too much about that, more the refined carbs. One of the things I found hard was if I’m in the city and need to grab lunch, I’ll often get something like fruit toast because a) I love fruit toast and b) it’s safe – they can’t go adding fatty nasties to it in the kitchen. Oh and c) it’s cheap. I don’t mind eating out and having a splurge if it’s a meal with friends and a big treat but if I’m just grabbing something at a cafe because it’s convenient then I don’t want to go overboard so I’m going to stick with the fruit toast and bugger the carbs.

I went for a run yesterday. I don’t know why but I got to Princes Park and sat in the car for ages, not wanting to start. Finally pulled myself together and go out there and did it.

Started with a warm up lap of Princes Park then aimed for a lap at 6 min/km pace, a km recovery then another lap at 6 min/km pace. Pretty much went to plan except I went a bit under 6 min pace – more like 5:50 min. I figure that isn’t so bad since I kept it pretty even.

I felt good when I finished and even thought about doing another a lap but it had gotten dark and was a bit creepy running around some of the not so well lit parts of the track.

I’m planning on going to the R4tK training tonight then doing another session at Princes Park and a long run this week.

3 responses to “Weigh In – 75.3 kgs

  1. Please tell me that the carbs in apples are not in the realms of carbs in potato?? Apple is not one of the high-carb foods you hear of. I certainly don’t focus on minimising carbs, but when I realise they’re creeping up and make a conscious effort to not over-eat them, it is amazing just how much in the way of fruit and veg I consume. Who knows whether it’s the reduced carbs or increased f&v, but I feel great after making the switch.

    Have you tried carrying around almonds to snack on? They are surprisingly filling and more economical than cafe food.

  2. Gee your running is amazing … you will have no trouble on April 1st. For snacking I hav ediscovered Uncle toby nut crunch bars and keep one in my bag. Still carbs I guess but cheap and do contain nuts.

  3. YOu know what is the most STUPID things carbs are in??? BBQ SAUCE!!!! 14.7 in 20ml or something DUMB like that! WHAAAA!!!

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