Happy Buffy Day

It’s 10 years today since Buffy first aired. I’m going to celebrate by slaying something tonight… maybe one of my housemates.

I’m actually starting to think that my house is built on a hellmouth. The other day the house moved so none of us can lock our bedroom doors. I know old houses move and settle but that much in such a short period?

I don’t like not being able to lock my door because our ex-housemate is wanted by the cops. I’m not sure why, the cops wouldn’t tell me but I figure if it’s something big like murder, they’d say, right? Anyway we think he still has a front door key although we aren’t sure cos he never used it, he just climbed in and out his bedroom window! I have kind of fixed the lock for now anyways.

We did a quiz in Cosmo yesterday – ‘Is your house haunted?’ and we answered a most emphatic yes to all questions although the one about objects being moved or vanishing might be more the housemates than something supernatural.

Anyway, enjoy Buffy day. Have a double meat burger or a jar of blood to celebrate.


7 responses to “Happy Buffy Day

  1. Ooooooooh I soooooo know what you mean by finding carbs in things that you don’t think have many carbs!

    Ha! Ha!

    I wish I could get into running like you are! That’s my new year resolution (that I haven’t tried to achieve yet!)

  2. Wow – thanks for telling me about the Buffy-versary. My only complaint is that you haven’t got SMG in the picture 🙂

  3. Only 10 years? Surely not? It seems like Buffy’s been around kicking vampire arse for much longer….

    Hmm, an anniversary – what better excuse than to drag out the DVDs and have me a Slayer-fest this weekend?

  4. Hey Kathryn thanks so much for your kind words today. And most of all, for your hilarious posts. I was just reading the one below about your toilet distraction in your fun run and I got the giggles, instantly made me feel better 🙂 Thanks for being a good friend

  5. 10 years… oh my god. i feel ancient!

    btw, onya for the big loss this week, woo!

  6. Buffy – seen it once I think! Is it really great then? Bugger about the bedroom doors not locking, sounds iffy your house! Ya get earthquakes there, cos I wouldn’t wanna be in your house by the sound of it.

  7. your bloody valentine

    Two of my favourite men in the one pic, yay! I just started watching Series one again last week, they’re all so young, cute and perky then.

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