Yesterday we went down to Daylesford for a fun run – Run for your Life.

We had to call into Bunnings on the way and so I HAD to have a sausage from the sausage sizzle stand, it’s the rules you know. But I didn’t have one after the run so it evens out, kinda.

I got to the run and – oh yeah, you’d better skip this part if you are at all delicate about bodily functions – I needed to poo. I went to the toilet several times and no dice. Then we did a warm up and I did a fart and felt fine until the run started. I got about 100 metres into the run and realised everything had loosened up! Yikes!

The first half of the run was through the bush and I had to do a combination of walking and running and, trust me, the running was in very short spurts. In hindsight, I’d have been better off missing the start of the run and ducking into the loos then catching up but nope, I kept going.

I got to the first drink station and they’d run out of cups! Well they had two and we had to share them.

Oh my god, the first 2.5 km were grueling. I’d say worse than the Mountain to Surf at Lorne and that was tough but only at the beginning. Lots of big hills and some very steep descents. I hate the descents – I can’t even walk down a flight of stairs without a handrail so I was freaking out.

I was almost tempted as we ran through the bush to drop back to last spot so I could squat behind a tree without anyone seeing me, my need to go was THAT urgent…. but I just couldn’t. So I kept it up, running for as long as I could then walking.

Finally we got back to Daylesford Lake for the last 2.5 km and I did another stupid thing. I asked one of the marshalls if there were any loos. She said I could run over to the toilets then back to the run but stupid me thought it’s only 2.5 km, I’ll keep going otherwise I’ll be dead last. I’ll definitely know better next time!

I made it around the lake (which is much bigger than I thought) and almost to the end when the marshalls told us we had to cross the road and do another bit *groan*. I’d been keeping up with a few girls all the way but had to drop back or I’d disgrace myself (yeah, I’m not holding back here). Finally got to the finish line and ran through straight to the toilets.

My time for the 5 km – 42 mins! That’s so shitty (no pun intended) cos I’d done an easy 5 km run Friday morning in 35 mins.

Afterwards I caught up with Simon, who’d come in 10 seconds behind the third place getter. I said if he’d known, he could have pulled out an extra 10 seconds but he reckoned he didn’t have it to pull out.

Then came the best part of the run. Massages. Oh my god, that was the best massage ever. My legs have been sore for weeks so I needed it even if I had done a lousy run. I told the massager I had very tight glutes and IT bands so she started rubbing and asked if it was too hard. I told her that it tickled so she said she’d go harder. She pushed her elbow into a spot on my glutes so hard I almost jumped through the roof but it fixed everything! Woohoo!

She also did some stretches on my legs where I laid on my side, with my bottom leg bent and the top leg behind me, pushed down lower than the bed. Does that make sense? Anyway it worked a treat cos I could feel it all loosening up. I’m going to try those at home.

Afterwards we went to the convent… an old convent that’s been converted into an art gallery, cafe, etc. I’ve been to Daylesford a few times but never been there. It’s lovely. The cafe was closed so they sent us to the bar for coffees. We ordered then went outside but someone was having a wedding reception and all the locals just happened to be sitting outside having drinks while the guests arrived.

We went back inside and curled up in a nice cushiony booth. I kept eyeing off the scrumptious cakes. I have cake issues – often I’ll feel like a little cake but, I know if I order cake I’ll get a huge chunk. Sure I could just eat a little of the huge chunk but I resent paying $7 for much more cake than I want. I guess it’s a good thing cos it stops me ordering cake at all.

So anyway the woman serving cut off a tiny sliver of cake and I thought that is the tiniest bit of cake ever. Then she came over to our table and gave it to us to try. Yes, Bri, more free cake! And oh boy, was it delish! Kind of like a vanilla version of tiramisu.

I slept most of the way home, got back to Simon’s and his partner (my best bud), Tim had been slaughtering chooks. Luckily he’d cleaned up all the mess before we got home. Well it wasn’t so much luck – we’d called him an hour before and demanded he cleaned up all the mess!

I got home exhausted. I hadn’t slept much all week so it wasn’t from the crappy run but just everything catching up with me. I ended up missing Bee’s birthday party because I just couldn’t make it off the couch.

7 responses to “Daylesford

  1. I’m still chuckling here Kathryn. The massage sounds great. The poo story is hilarious. I hope there was toilet paper!

    I know exactly what you mean about not eating all the cake. It’s why I don’t order it either. Lucky you to get a free taste.

    Looking forward to hearing about your next run.

  2. This post has everything! Running, poo, free cake and slaughtered chooks. Glad you had a good day- despite the time- it really isn’t so bad and you can blame the poo because it certainly ruins a run.

  3. Great story Kathryn. I don’t know how you kept it in. Just goest to show how much determination you have.
    I’ve only been to Daylesford once & I loved it.

  4. LMAO ! I’m surprised needing to go poos didn’t make you run faster to get to a loo! Lucky you didn’t have the shits eh? lol Why oh why do people keep giving you free cake!

  5. I hope you weren’t farting all the way round!! He he he. It’s always the way that you can’t do number twoseees when you need to. I always got bound up before weighin night at WW. Then as soon as I got home I would lose another half a kg.

  6. Great race report :o) had me sat here chuckling into my cuppa :oD I loooove that stretch along the table – my MT does that too, and it really works. Btw, reading about the foam roller, I use a rolling pin to sort out my ITB if it gets niggly. B****y hurts, but worth it. Also, and don’t laugh, but try sitting on tennis ball. Find the point in your glutes where it hurts (the knot) then place the tennis ball there. It’s a little bit of trigger point therapy, releases some of the tightness that causes the ITB to contract.

    Hope they remain trouble free!


  7. LOL Kathryn – I always get s giggle out of your posts!

    I am actually quite impressed with the strength of your *ahem* rear end muscles. You must have held them taut for the entire 42 minutes. What stamina!!

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