Interviews and Running

The interview went well yesterday, but could have been better. I’d have given myself about a 70%. Now it’s a case of waiting and seeing. Had another interview today for a different job and an interview with a temp agency tomorrow. Oh I was also contacted last week about a 2 year contract with a very major IT company, so waiting to hear about that and then yesterday got a call about a job – the company is one that at least 2 of my ex-workmates from many years ago are now at, so hopefully I’ll get an interview and get a chance to harass them (I’ve got a feeling if my name is mentioned around them, they’ll end up in a fetal position under their desks…lol… I used to be a hell cat at work). I figure I’ll be working by the end of the month or something’s wrong.

We did our 15 km training run tonight, from Kensington to Footscray Rd then following the Run for the Kids route to the domain. I was in two minds about doing it because sometimes it’s better not to know but it turned out to be a smart decision. From Spencer St to the domain was a very easy run and most of it is a nice downhill slope – just what you want for the end of a race. Of course it will be much easier on the day without all those pesky commuters around Flinders St.

I wanted to try out some sports gel so we took that at the half way mark. I had a chocolate flavoured one which tasted surprisingly delicious and most satisfyingly chocolately. Then we had to find drink fountains. Stat.

We took a different route back, trying to avoid too many people. Going around Docklands, I had to stop and play on some playground equipment. It was this space age merry go round thing, you stand on with a handle. I went one way and it was nice and gentle then I turned it the other way and it took off – I couldn’t stop spinning or get off! And the bloody thing wouldn’t slow down. I screamed. A lot. Eventually I stuck my foot out and slowed myself but was very giddy.

Around the 10 km mark, I felt really strong and good. I realised in race conditions, I could happily pick up the pace quite a bit. I’d be rooted when I finished but I could do it. Of course, being a training run, I didn’t.

I finished full of oomph albeit with sore, tender IT bands that needed much stretching and icing (with ice packs, not like a cake). All up, I feel pretty confident about run day.

Next week we are going to try 5 laps of Princes Park. Simon thinks since we did so well today, we can fit in another 2 long runs. I’m not so sure about that.


6 responses to “Interviews and Running

  1. I have my fingers crossed for you with the jobs… and I am in awe of how much running you do!

  2. Must have been a real confidence boost to know that you can now run the distance.

    Love the sound of the playground equipment. Might go check it out when I’m next up that way.

    And good luck with all your interviews.

  3. Mmmm. The chocolate gel thing sounds good. What is it called? I might get some for race day. Did you find a big difference after taking it?
    Liz 🙂

  4. Was the energy gel the “GU Chocolate Outrage” – I love them they are gorgeous, just like eating melted chocolate. The job front sounds pretty promising – and your running sounds like it is going great guns – R4K watch out!

  5. I love reading your blog Kathryn. The vision of you stopping during your run for a close encounter with frenetically spinning playground equipment is hilarious.

    Good luck with the interviews. I hope you get a job that you love. And best of luck for the R4K.

  6. You are going great guns with your running, you will blitz it on race day!!

    Where did you get your energy gels from? I think I need some of that 🙂

    Fingers crossed on the job front.

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