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I forgot to mention in my last post, I’d been mucking around with a running calculator, to get estimated times for different distances. I found it interesting that the pace it said I should be running for long runs is faster than I normally run while the pace I run for shorter ones is slower. That is pretty much what I’d have thought and it’s all mental.

When I set off on a longer run, I think I’ve got so far to go that I can just take it easy… and end up taking it too easy. So today on my run I want to stick to a doable but not too cruisy speed.

When I’m doing shorter distances, I tend to underestimate them in my head so set off full speed then have trouble maintaining it so I want to bring it down a gear.

All up, I guess what it means is that I tend towards two paces – really slow or really fast (well fast for me). I need to play around with finding the paces in between.

Now to answer some questions I’ve been meaning to answer for a while.

Jadey: No news from the slumlords about the rent increase, but then I haven’t seen them since. They are late coming to get their rent money. Who knows what they’ll say when they come over – they might have even forgotten the whole thing.

Chris: Your question about yoga is a hard one. It’s like asking how long is a piece of string! People do yoga for different reasons, and there are so many types of yoga. Personally I like it because it stretches out all my sore, stiff muscles I get from running. Plus I’ve got a limited range of motion and a total lack of flexibility so it helps me with that too.

I’ve been working on this with my physio too. It cracks people up when I say this, but I can’t spread my legs! If I sit on the floor with my legs apart, I can spread them about a metre. My sister laughs at me cos she can spread her legs real good but I tell her that’s because she’s a slut 🙂

Yesterday my son came over for dinner. He told us many funny stories about working at the call centre. The past two years, whenever I asked him about uni, I’d get an ‘it’s okay’ and nothing more so it seems he really likes working. I think it’s been a really good move for him. He’s even planning on spending his pay on grown up stuff like a new bed (even though I only bought his old one about 5 years ago and I told him not to jump on it!) and a new telly.

When I took him home, I raid his apple trees. Since they don’t pick the apples I hate seeing them go to waste (and they are so much more delicious than shop apples because they’ve just grown wild). My sister and I have been watching Angel – I’ve never seen it before despite being a huge Buffy fan – so last night I chopped up a big pot full of apples then stewed them to freeze. I still only got through about half a bag! Still another bag and a half to go.

And, talking of my son, I had an interview at the Children’s Hospital yesterday. I had to wait in the foyer to be collected and watched all the families coming in and out. It made me realised how lucky I am. Growing up, Andrew never had anything more severe than the chicken pox and even that only lasted a few days. He has amazing good health (touch wood) and that’s something you take for granted but really having a sick child, especially one with a serious illness would be the worst thing I could imagine dealing with.


7 responses to “Other things

  1. Oh yum, stewed apples, my favourite fruit to go with my raw rolled oats! Yes, we must all be thankful for healthy kids, most of mine are thank goodness. Only one (Steve) is having a few problems at the mo, dicky heart rhythyms (sp?) and dizzy spells. WAiting for hospital in Auckland to see him…..

  2. Yes, thank goodness for healthy kids. Jake’s hospital visits have all been sports’ injuries…
    Interesting about running speeds – I think I only have a fast and a slow speed and can’t do anything in between.

  3. Josh spent a bit of time in RCH with a Vitamin D deficiency and his allergies but nowhere near as heartbreaking as some of the kiddies you see.

    ps. Job interview?? RCH is about 50 metres down the road from my current work.

  4. How did your interview actually go?

  5. I was going to see you at Daylesford but physio says only light runs for the next few. I only have slow and really slow as my pace!

  6. Kathryn I am a huge Buffy fan too, but for some reason I don’t like Angel at all (Angel the show that is, I don’t mind Angel the character in BTVS).

  7. Interview, interview!? How did it go!!!? Are you still up for meeting this Saturday for lunch??? Let me know…

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