More on Running

Yesterday I went for a run at Princes Park, a nice easy one and managed 6 km. Then we decided to do another km to finish off and I wanted to see how fast I ran do 500 metres. The other day I said I didn’t think I could ever run a km in under 5 mins but I did 500 metres in 2.19 mins so who knows? I kinda shocked myself with that.

Tomorrow we’re doing a long run, trying to cover 15 kms before the Run for the Kids. We’re starting at Simon’s place then following the R4TK route to the domain and home again. Hopefully we’ll make it (but luckily we have public transport as a back up plan).

Yesterday I also worked out my running plan for the rest of the year. This is what I want to do:

April – Run for the Kids
July – Run to the G (10 km). I was thinking of doing the half marathon but I want to do the 10 km and focus on doing it faster rather than doing a longer event. I think that will be more fun.
August – City to Surf – fun and a holiday. Woohoo!
October – Melbourne Marathon, half marathon.

I think that is plenty to keep me interested and focused.


8 responses to “More on Running

  1. You little speedster, you!! Well done šŸ™‚

    Good luck with the 15km run tomorrow. I still cannot even imagine running 15.2km! I guess I will find out on the 1st April, doh!!

  2. I want to do city to surf. Even if I walk it that’s my goal for this year. I have to do city to surf šŸ™‚

  3. Good running plan. I was planning to do the CityToSurf this year too, but it ain’t gunna happen, maybe 2008.

  4. well done. good luck with the 15km.

  5. I’ve been getting tired just reading your posts of late. You’re a machine. Have fun running tomorrow.

  6. It’s great to see you challenging yourself with your PBs and how many great events have you got planned too! You ARE focused šŸ™‚

  7. Good luck with the run Kathryn. Just remember to hydrate really well beforehand and make sure you take water breaks while running as it’s going to be fairly warm.

    Dehydration is not nice. Headache, lethargy, pain :0(

  8. wow!
    I will be running c2s too šŸ™‚ Good luck to us.. it will be my first time
    I bet you will be very good in this!

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