Running… yet again

This morning my friend, Simon, and I headed over to Coburg for a fun run put on by the Coburg Harriers. We got there and everyone looked intimidatingly fit but we did a few laps around the athletic track to warm up and tried not to look too daggy.

Everyone started very fast and I got caught up in so was out of oomph by the first km (we were doing the 6 km run). I slowed down and kept going. I kept telling myself I could jog as slow as I liked but I couldn’t walk. I figured it’s easy to move from a slower jog to a faster jog than from a walk to a run.

Coming back for the last 3 kms, I felt better and speeded up. I wanted to do under 40 mins and did it in just over 36 so felt pretty good. Since I’ve never done a 6 km run before, it was a PB 🙂 but also comparing my pace per km with other runs, it was my faster run so I’m well happy. Simon also did a great time – the fastest he’s ran since he was 17.

I’ve decided my strategy for the Run for the Kids is to give myself a 5 minute walk allowance. That way I’ll not feel pressured to have to run the whole way, but I know I won’t want to use it up too soon so I’ll push myself.

Tomorrow is run training again then Tuesday is my day off. I think I’ll go to Go Go Dancing again because it will be a great way to loosen everything up.

3 responses to “Running… yet again

  1. Kathryn, well done on the 6km run, sounds like a good one! BTW, I read your article in WH&F yesterday, good work!

  2. Great time for a 6km run, well done 🙂

  3. Well done with achieving a PB with the 6km run!

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