Playlist challenge:

So far I’ve got 9 songs out of the 20 new songs for my challenge. It’s hard work thinking up songs. Thanks for the suggestions – I already have heaps of RATM and Pistols on my ipod though since they both rock πŸ™‚

Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen
From Small Things (Big Days One Day Come) – Bruce Springsteen
Held Up Without A Gun – Bruce Springsteen
My Pants Keep Falling Down – Frenzal Rhomb
Sometimes – Spearhead
Alright – Supergrass
Fee Fi Fe Fum – Candy Girls
X-Files Theme – Triple X

Okay, the last two are dance music, even though I hate it. I found a CD of dance tracks from 1996 or so that I’d borrowed off a friend (which is why you should never loan me CDs) and thought I’d bung them on. I downloaded some Sleater Kinney but a lot of it’s slower than I thought. Everything else I’ve thought of, I can’t find. Will go raid friend’s CD collections on the weekend.



I think I mentioned before that I’ve suspended my Fitness First membership. So today I looked up the timetable for my cheap and basic gym up the road and found out they are doing a women’s bootcamp program. I rang about it and the next starts after Easter. Perfect, because I think I’ll need a new challenge after the Run for the Kids. The price is right too – $100 plus the normal $3.95 gym entry. The downside is that it’s on at 6.30 am. I’m not a morning person. The trainer sounds great too – she’s also training for the R4TK atm. I think the sign that you’ve become a real runner is not anything to do with running times or distances, but when you get happy about finding someone new to talk running to.

Miscellaneous ramblings:

I did no exercise apart from a bit of yoga today. Lately, I’ve not had the time or inclination to work through a whole yoga dvd so I’ve just been doing some of the sequences I remember from classes. When I do a class or dvd, I get all caught up in trying to keep up or worrying what comes next whereas just doing stuff myself, I focus more on getting the posture right and my breathing and all those things I should be thinking about. I’m thinking of grabbing some books from the library and doing more stuff just on my own.

I was going to clean the bath and have a soak but remembered I throw out my epsom salts cos they’d got all icky. Damn it. I want salts to soak in. A bath might be nice anyway.


7 responses to “Friday!

  1. Boot Camp sounds like a great idea but I have to agree with you on the time though, 6.30am sounds a bit rude, lol!

    I am so embarassed about my music when I read everyone else’s songs. I would have to be the biggest dag that is stuck in a time warp!!

  2. Agree about how great when you find another runner. It’s amazing the people at my work that I’ve found out are runners, and I had no idea until I started myself. I have done two boot camps and they are great. I was too late registering for the last one and missed out. Go for it I’d say.

  3. Several songs on teh footloose sound track that have a great beat.

    Let’s hear it for the boy
    holding out for a hero

    AC/DC tend to be good as does Nutbush City Limits.

    Not too sure if our tastes in music mix though

  4. Hey, what does Yoga do for you exercise wise? I hear lots of people talking about it, but have never tried it. Do tell…

  5. The running sounds like it’s going great guns. I’m loving the muscly calves. You gotta love a bit of muscle.

    I’m digging some blondie right now on my ipod. Nice and rocky and upbeat.

  6. The bath sounds nice. I’ve moved into a new place and there is no bath – just a shower. How I long for a bath!!!

    Lee, my songs are a little alternative, and some quite dated – so I’m with you about not posting them! I still need a power song too.

    Good luck with boot camp Kathryn. They make it 6.30am so that it’s hard before you even start!! I’m not sure I’d cope well with someone yelling at me.

  7. YAY for finding another running buddy to talk to. I get excited when I meet other yogis πŸ™‚

    I agree with following your own routines with yoga. I use Shakti Yoga as my guide and do what I want now and what I think I need to focus on. There are some great books out there with sequences.

    Have fun!

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